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ZKTeco Access Control

132 products
৳ 9,500
2 days ago
Zkteco FV18 Biometric Fingerprint Reader Access Control

Zkteco FV18 multi-biometric fingerprint time attendance system has TFT LCD color screen, TCP/IP / USB-host, WiFi, 3rd...

৳ 8,500
4 days ago
ZKTeco F18 Biometric Fingerprint Access Control Reader

ZKTeco F18 biometric fingerprint access control reader has 3000 templates fingerprint capacity, 5000 card capacity,...

৳ 6,500
1 day ago
ZKTeco K50 Fingerprint Reader and Time Attendance Recorder

ZKTeco K50 fingerprint reader and time attendance recorder has 2.8-inch TFT screen, 1000 finger capacity, 80,000 log...

৳ 6,500
1 day ago
ZKTeco SF100 Biometric Time Management Access Control

ZKTeco SF100 biometric time management access control device has 1500 fingerprint templates, 80000 transactions, 5000...

৳ 8,000
25 days ago
ZKTeco F19 Fingerprint Sensor Anti-Passback Access Control

ZKTeco F19 access control device has anti-passback, 3rd party electric lock support, 3000 fingerprint capacity, 30000...

৳ 21,500
1 day ago
ZKTeco iClock 3000 WiFi Fingerprint Access Control Reader

ZKTeco iClock 3000 access control system has 10000 maximum face user capacity, 200000 time log capacity, 800 × 480...

৳ 9,900
7 days ago
ZKTeco F18 Biometrics Fingerprint Reader Time Attendance

ZKTeco F18 fingerprint sensor access control system and time attendance machine has innovative biometrics fingerprint...

৳ 7,800
1 day ago
ZKTeco SC105 Multi Verification Access Control System

ZKTeco SC105 access control has 2 inch color display, up to 24 user-defined schedules, TCP/ IP or RS485 communication,...

৳ 28,500
7 days ago
ZKTeco SFace900 Semi-Outdoor Face Algorithm Time Attendance

ZKTeco SFace900 hybrid-biometric time attendance tracker system has 3000 face templates, advanced face algorithm and...

৳ 14,500
7 days ago
ZKTeco SilkFP-101TA Wet / Dry / Rough Finger Time Attendance

ZKTeco SilkFP-101TA fingerprint time attendance terminal has smooth fingerprint scanning on wet / dry / and rough...