Soyal Access Control

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৳ 18,500
19 days ago
Soyal AR-837E Direct TCP / IP Anti-Passback Access Control

Soyal AR-837E has anti-passback, DirectPC technology which allow direct interface to PC, support standard 125Khz EM and...

৳ 5,000
7 days ago
Soyal Keypad Access Control System Proximity Device AR-721H

Soyal keypad access control proximity device AR-721H has 125KHz stand-alone controller + reader, user capacity 1024,...

৳ 11,500
2 hours ago
Soyal AR-327H Weatherproof Touch LCD Card Access Control

Soyal AR-327H access control system has built-in illuminated touch panel, 125 KHZ / 13.56 MHZ frequency, 16000 user...

৳ 4,500
2 hours ago
Soyal AR-721H Time Attendance Access Control System

Soyal AR-721H time attendance and access control system has 11 sets of time zone, different time zone for each user, up...

৳ 9,800
2 hours ago
Soyal AR-727H Stand-alone Controller/Networking Reader

Soyal AR-727H stand-alone controller / networking reader. Features: Weatherproof, could be installed outside; User...

৳ 10,500
19 days ago
Soyal AR-725E Direct TCP / IP Touch Keypad Access Control

Soyal AR-725E support standard 125Khz EM or Mifare 13.56MHz card, card or pin and card + pin access mode, DirectPC...

৳ 21,900
19 days ago
Soyal AR-837EF Ultra Fast Biometric Access Controller

Soyal AR-837EF has ultra-fast 700 msec 1:1000 fingerprint identification, super high accuracy with fault reject rate...