Smart Door Lock Price in Bangladesh

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Increasing security in homes, offices, and businesses around the world has become a very important issue these days. Currently, smart door locks have come into the market to ensure security with the benefit of modern technology. A smart door lock is basically a security lock connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth that allows users to lock and unlock doors by voice commands, face detection, fingerprints, and number presses to enter homes, offices, and businesses. Using a smart lock eliminates the need to carry a separate key. The demand for smart door locks is increasing day by day due to attractive design, more security, and convenience to use.

How many types of smart door lock available in Bangladesh?

Smart Door Lock with Fingerprint: One of the smart door locks is the door lock with a fingerprint. This type of door lock is keyless and is made resistant to damage due to repeated finger use. So fingerprint smart door lock is much better than a conventional lock. Moreover, this smart door lock has a system to save the fingerprints of roommates or other family members. However, some fingerprint-enabled door locks can be unlocked remotely by connecting to a smart home system.

Password Connected Smart Door Lock: Password-connected smart door lock is basically a slightly older type of smart door lock. This type of door lock can usually be set with a password of your choice. After which the members who know the password can easily enter the home or office. Moreover, this type of door lock has the function of setting passwords as well as setting a type of special key. As a result, even if the password is forgotten, access can be obtained by dialling the key.

Smart Door Lock with Video Intercom: Smart lock with video intercom is currently the best door lock with advanced technology. The device basically connects to the smart lock and can easily identify people outside the door through WiFi connectivity. Smart locks with video intercoms play an important role in protecting privacy and security. Wi-Fi-connected smart locks with video intercom can easily identify people outside the door of a home, office or business and allow entry.

Pull & Push Smart Door Lock: Pull and push door lock can be unlocked basically using passcode, fingerprint and card etc. The convenience, user-friendly and premium outlook of the device used in this type of smart door lock makes it a perfect fit as a door handle for homes, offices or businesses. Moreover, the pull-and-push smart door lock is easy to use for elderly people.

What is the price of smart door lock in Bangladesh?

Currently, smart door lock price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,700 to TK 2,000 depending on the door lock design, sensor, lock or unlock function and brand. However, smart door locks with features such as card, fingerprint, password etc. start from TK 17,000 to TK 18,000.