Cisco Router Price in Bangladesh

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Cisco Router Buying in Bangladesh

Cisco router is a type of networking device used to connect different computer networks together. The job of this type of router is to exchange data or packets between networks using different types of routing protocols. Moreover, Cisco routers include advanced technologies such as advanced control systems, QoS capabilities, frame relay, asynchronous transfer mode, and multiprotocol label switching. Cisco router is very popular routers in BD as these are reliable and secure for providing internet services from small businesses to large scale.

How many types of Cisco router available in Bangladesh?

Cisco router is of different type based on advanced technology control system, routing protocol, security system, and medium of use. Let's know about three important types of Cisco routers:

Integrated Services Router: Cisco Integrated Services Router is primarily designed for use by small to medium-sized businesses and offices. This type of router can perform a variety of functions including firewall control, hardware encryption, VPN, MPLS, and URL filtering. Moreover, integrated services routers can transfer data using Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and Fast Ethernet.

Aggregation Service Router: Cisco Aggregation Router is primarily used to provide a wide range of Internet services. This type of router is high-throughput, small-form-factor, and uses low power to create high-speed routing protocols and handle large amounts of traffic. Moreover, the Cisco Aggregation Service Router Evolved Programmable Network Architecture in Layer 2 and Layer 3 networks is customized to support various broadband applications including IPTV and Video on Demand.

Small Business Router: This type of router is a notable Cisco router for small offices, Internet businesses, and remote network connections. Cisco's small business router is capable of building powerful security systems and virtual private networks along with high capacity. As a result, the user can access any type of information effortlessly from a remote location.

What is the price of Cisco router in BD?

Currently, Cisco router prices in Bangladesh vary based on the type of router. Cisco router price in BD starts from TK 8,500 based on features like routing protocol, VPN, data filtering etc. Also depending on the advanced technology, data transmission rate, multiprotocol level switching, and modular design Cisco router price starts from TK 35,000. Also, Cisco router built on Evolved Programmable Architecture is now available in BD which is more expensive than other routers.

Why use a Cisco router?

The special features of Cisco routers are discussed below:

Modular Design: Cisco brand router is made in modular design. And, Cisco brand routers can be easily upgraded as the network expands. As a result, the router can expand the network with reusability, load handling, and easy debugging.

Interfaces: Cisco router work on high-speed interfaces including Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet to provide fast and efficient connectivity.

Routing Protocol: Supports advanced routing protocols such as OSPF, BGP, and EIGRP. As a result, using Cisco routers ensures efficient packet routing while optimizing network performance.

Compatibility: Cisco router is designed to work with a wide range of networking protocols and technologies. As a result, this brand of router is compatible with various types of networking equipment.

High Performance: Cisco router is one of the best in terms of working with high performance and low latency. As a result, real-time applications such as video conferencing and VoIP can be easily run using this brand of router.

Security System: One of the features of Cisco router is the security system. This brand of router is built with strong security systems like firewall, VPN, and intrusion prevention system. As a result Cisco routers keep the network safe from external threats.

Control System: Cisco routers basically run on their own iOS. This gives the network administrator a single power to manage and configure the network.

Reliable: Cisco routers are mainly known for their high level of reliability. Because this type of router plays an important role in preventing network downtime and maintaining uptime. As a result, using a Cisco router does not cause any deviation in the network.