Mini CC Camera Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Mini CC camera is generally smaller in size than regular CC camera. Mini CC camera is easy to setup and available in Bangladesh at relatively affordable price. Moreover, Mini CC Camera of various sizes and shapes as per the requirement can be purchased from at low price.

Why buy a Mini CC Camera?

1. Compact Size: Mini CC camera is compact in size so these can be easily set up anywhere. Moreover, mini CC camera is small in size so these are not easily noticed by everyone.

2. Portability: Mini CC camera is small in size and light in weight so can be carried anywhere for video recording.

3. Easy to Use: Mini CC Camera is easy to use. Just follow a few steps to start video recording with a Mini CC Camera.

4. Real-Time Streaming: Some mini cc camera has a real-time streaming option so these can record video as well as share it on certain devices.

5. No DVR Required: There is no need to use a DVR with a mini cc camera. Mini CC camera has built-in memory and memory slots for using external memory cards. As a result, it can record and save video of specific time.

Before buying Mini CC Camera

  • Mini CCTV camera of specific size and design should be selected as per requirement.
  • Consider the resolution at which the mini cc camera can record video.
  • Before buying a mini cc camera one needs to consider the maximum number of gigabytes of memory card it will support.
  • Two-way call AI, people detection, real-time streaming, etc. features should be considered as needed.
  • Mini CC Camera should be bought considering whether the price is right for the quality.

What is the price of Mini CC camera in Bangladesh?

Mini CC camera price is determined based on its size, shape, quality, maximum memory capacity, battery capacity, etc. Currently, to buy Mini CC Camera in Bangladesh one has to spend at least 500 taka. Moreover, one has to spend more than 1500 taka to buy a high-quality mini cc camera.