Runner Bike Price in Bangladesh

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Runner Bike Buying in Bangladesh

Runner bike is originally manufactured by Bangladesh motorcycle manufacturer company Runner Automobile Limited. Currently, Runner offers various models of motorcycles and scooters as per customer needs and preferences. Moreover, by providing fuel-efficient, low-maintenance-cost durable, and attractively designed motorcycle, Runner Bike in Bangladesh has gained immense popularity among motorcycle enthusiasts and riders.

What is the specialty of Runner Bike?

1. Runner Bike is locally designed in Bangladesh with an emphasis on customer needs and preferences as well as providing a comfortable riding experience on any road.

2. This brand of bike generally supplies around 12 models ranging from 80 cc to 165 cc. As a result, the runner bike of choice can be easily procured as per the demand.

3. Runner bike is generally built with powerful engines like single-cylinder, 4 stroke air cooled, SOHC, providing efficient and reliable performance.

4. The Runner motorcycle is equipped with a digital instrument cluster, LED headlights, disc brakes for better safety, and more modern features to provide the riders with enhanced and comfortable riding facilities.

5. Runner offers attractively designed bikes with a modern and trendy outlook keeping the young generation in mind.

6. As the runner bike is fuel efficient, fuel consumption for daily use is very low despite the rise in global fuel prices.

7. Having authorized dealer points of Runner all over the country provides good after-sales service after purchase. Also, the maintenance and repair of the bike is easy, helping to increase the performance of the bike as well as keep it useful for a long time.

How much does Runner Bike cost?

Runner bike price in Bangladesh starts from 50,000 BDT, which is compact size, fuel-efficient, and 80 cc bikes. Moreover, all runner bike price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the model, engine type, cc capacity, power, and other features. Moreover, used condition runner bikes are also available along with new bikes. Currently, 100-125 cc runner bike is available in Bangladesh between BDT 87,000 to BDT 140,000. Also, the runner bike with an advanced engine, attractive design, and high cc capacity starts at BDT 145,000.

Which is the most popular Runner Bike model in Bangladesh?

Runner Bike RT is one of the most popular models in Bangladesh. It is well known for its compact size attractive design as well as energy efficiency and affordable price. Moreover, the Runner Bike RT has gained immense popularity among the riders as it offers good performance for the price.

How much mileage is available on the Runner Bike?

Runner bike is quite fuel efficient so the cost is much less. The motorcycle of this brand provides a minimum mileage of 45km/liter, which can save considerable fuel in long-term use. Also, runner bike mileage varies from model to model.

Where to buy Runner Bike?

There are authorized runner dealerships of runner bike almost everywhere in Bangladesh. As a result, one can buy runner bike from specific areas nearby as per their needs and preferences. Also, new and used runner bike is available at low price in the popular online marketplace in Bangladesh. So, before buying you can easily check the authenticity of the seller and the condition of the bike.

Best Runner Bike Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for May, 2024

Runner Bike Model Price
Runner Bullet Black 2018 ৳ 33,000
Runner Skooty 110 ৳ 88,000
Runner Turbo 125cc 2015 ৳ 40,000
Runner Royal Plus 110 CC 2018 ৳ 40,000
Runner Bolt 2022 ৳ 110,000
Runner Kite plus 110cc ৳ 99,000
Runner AD 80S Deluxe ৳ 79,000