Jovision NVR

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৳ 4,450
6 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND7608-HA 8-CH Dual Stream NVR System

Jovision JVS-ND7608-HA NVR system 8 channel capacity, dual stream, cloud see technology, true P2P, stream adjustable,...

৳ 3,800
6 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND7104-HZ 4-Channel NVR System

CloudSEE technology, one-key remote, network plug and play, 4 channel video recording, H.264 video compression...

৳ 14,990
6 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND7932-HV Full HD 32-Channel NVR System

Jovision JVS-ND7932-HV full HD NVR system has 32 channel video recording capacity, cloudSEE technology, one key remote...

৳ 42,000
9 days ago
Jovision JVS-ND9164-HZ 64 Channel 5MP Access NVR System

Jovision JVS-ND9164-HZ network video recorder has 64 channel, 5 MP access, up to 9 channel 1080p playback capability,...

৳ 6,500
8 months ago
Jovision JVS-ND6608-HD 8-CH NVR

8 channel network video recorder, 1080p video resolution, compatible with ONVIF IP camera, H.265 video compression...

৳ 5,500
9 months ago
Jovision JVS-ND6616-HC 16-CH Network Video Recorder

Full HD video output, support 16-CH 5 MP IP camera, H.265 video compression technology, ONVIF 2.4 standard, compatible...

৳ 16,700
9 months ago
Jovision JVS-ND7932-HV 32-CH Network Video Recorder

Real-time video monitoring, 32 channel video recording capacity, cloudSEE technology, one-key remote and network plug...

৳ 36,900
9 months ago
Jovision JVS-ND9164-HZ 64-CH NVR

64 channel network video recorder, 5MP access, up to 9 channel 1080p playback capability, CloudSEE technology, p2p and...