Hitachi Projector Price in Bangladesh

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Hitachi Projector Buying in Bangladesh

One of the products of Hitachi Corporation is the Hitachi projector which is gaining great popularity in Bangladesh as it can display high-quality image. Hitachi projector is compatible with rooms of various sizes from small to large. Moreover, Hitachi projector is of superior quality and therefore suitable for long-term use. Currently, several model of Hitachi projector is available in Bangladesh at affordable price.

Why buy Hitachi Projector?

1. LCD Projection: Hitachi projector uses the LCD projection method so this projector can display sharp and vivid images with accurate colors. Even Hitachi projector is capable of displaying detailed and vivid visuals.

2. Resolution: Hitachi projector is capable of providing high-quality imaging for video or data presentations. Because Hitachi projector has at least HD or Full HD resolution output capability.

3. Connectivity: This projector includes USB, HDMI, RJ-45, VGA IN, and S-Video multiple connectivity options. Moreover, most Hitachi projector is wireless presentation compatible depending on the model.

4. Control System: Hitachi projector can be controlled through button control panel as well as remote. A remote is included with each model Hitachi projector.

5. Audio Output: Hitachi projector is capable of providing high-clarity audio output along with video projection which is one of the reasons for the popularity of this projector.

6. Energy Efficient: Hitachi projector consumes less electricity, so this projector generates less heat during long-term use. Moreover, using this projector, the electricity bill is relatively low.

7. Warranty: Hitachi projector has a parts and service warranty for a certain period of time, so if there is any problem with this projector within a certain period, the parts are changed or repaired by the company at no cost.

How much does Hitachi Projector cost?

The price of Hitachi projectors is determined based on its features such as resolution, image size, maximum brightness, lens, etc. Currently, one has to spend at least 15,000 taka to buy a Hitachi projector in Bangladesh. Moreover, one has to spend more than Tk 25,000 to buy a high-quality and high-resolution Hitachi projector.