ViewSonic Projector Price in Bangladesh

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ViewSonic Projector Buying in Bangladesh

Along with digitization, the demand for projector among multimedia devices in educational institutions, office conferences or meetings, and various events has increased to a great extent in keeping with the modern lifestyle. Currently, Viewsonic projector is quite popular among the different brands of projector in Bangladesh according to customer demand. The projector of this brand provides attractive visuals in high resolution and accurate colors. Currently, from compact-size portable projector to high-configuration Viewsonic projector with advanced connectivity option is available at an affordable price in Bangladesh.

What is the specialty of Viewsonic Projector?

1. ViewSonic projector is well known for providing attractive visuals. This brand of projector incorporates advanced technologies like high-resolution displays, color enhancement, and image processing algorithms to deliver sharp and vivid visuals. As a result, enhanced visuals are available in presentations, class management, and video display.

2. ViewSonic projector has advanced connectivity facilities like HDMI, USB, VGA, and WiFi connectivity. As a result, it can be easily connected and used with various devices like laptops, computers, smartphones, gaming consoles, and media players.

3. To enhance the viewing experience, the ViewSonic projector includes advanced features including on-screen menus, remote control functions, keystone correction for easy setup, and automatic power-saving mode, resulting in ease of operation.

4. The lamp life of Viewsonic projectors ranges from a minimum of 5,000 hours to 30,000 hours. As a result, the ViewSonic projector is the ideal projector for long-term use.

5. This projector brand provides clear visuals for viewing pictures, and videos at a distance of about 0.37 - 3.72 meters. However, a Viewsonic projector with DLP laser technology provides better visuals at slightly greater distances.

6. Also, Viewsonic brand lamp free projector is available at affordable price in Bangladesh, which saves about 50% energy compared to other projectors.

7. ViewSonic projector has enough brightness or lumens to display clear and high-resolution images or videos in low light. Moreover, this brand of projector provides brightness from a minimum of 300 lumens to 5000 lumens. However, the ViewSonic projector tends to cost more depending on lumens.

8. Moreover, ViewSonic projector incorporates 3rd generation-advanced technology to provide 20% more brightness.

How much does the Viewsonic Projector cost?

ViewSonic projector price starts at Tk 41,000 in Bangladesh which is suitable for use in small-scale offices and classrooms. Moreover, Viewsonic projector price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the model, projection method, resolution, image size, lamp life, and other features. Suitable for office conferences and various events, Viewsonic projector is available on a budget of Tk 60,000 to Tk 100,000.