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AFO Auto Fire Extinguisher Ball Price in Bangladesh

ID 27454
Lowest Price ৳ 430
Item Fire Extinguisher
Status In Stock
Seller Location Dhaka, Bangladesh

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৳ 850

৳ 500

৳ 450

৳ 430


3-Seconds Automatic Reaction Time
3 CBM Effective Extinguish an Area
20 Square Meters Applicable scope
Non-Toxic Safe Around People


it would activate within 3 seconds and effectively disperse extinguishing chemicals. It has harmless dry powder, fire extinguisher availability for A / B / C / E class fire, CE / SGS / ROHS approval. AFO auto fireball has a lightweight design, 24.2 Sqft disperse covering the area, Ø14.5 cm ball shape, 900 gm weight, and 5 years retention period.

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