Core i7 PC Price in Bangladesh

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Intel Core I7 Desktop Pc Buying in Bangladesh

Keeping up with the times, Core i7 PCs can run all kinds of software, both current and future. So now there is a little more money, although it is not needed now, it will be useful soon. And the price of Core i7 PC in Bangladesh is not much. Some of its advantages are discussed such as:

  • Core i7 PC is an ideal PC for everyday use.
  • Web design, graphics design, programming, etc. all the work of the marketplace can be done very easily with Core i7 PC. Even future updates will support Core i7 processor PCs.
  • Core i7 PC can work very fast for powerful processor. However, better RAM and an SSD of better quality can be added for faster performance.
  • The Core i7 processor has a cooling system so the PC does not heat up. A casing with a good quality cooling system can be selected to keep the Core i7 PC even cooler.
  • Any games can be played with Core i7 PC. A high quality graphics card can be used for better performance.

Is Core 7 PC more expensive than Core i5 PC?

Core i7 PCs are available in Bangladesh at very cheap prices. The price difference between Core i5 PC and Core i7 PC in Bangladesh is only 5000 to 6000 Taka. This price of Core i7 PC will depend on the generation of Core i7 processor as well as what other useful accessories are being added to it.

Will a Core i7 PC run heavy software like Adobe Photoshop?

Every software will run perfectly on Core i7 PC. Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Illustrator and many other types of current heavy software will be managed. A state-of-the-art motherboard, RAM, hard disk and M.2 SSD can be added to run future software.

What is the price of Core i7 PC in Bangladesh?

Core i7 PC price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 10,900 and the price depends on the generation of the Core i7 PC and the more recent the version, the higher the price. Any generation Core i7 PC is ideal for any task, including gaming. However, it is better to choose the latest generation for faster response but in this case the budget needs to be adequate.

Best Intel Core i7 Desktop PC Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best intel core i7 desktop pc list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best intel core i7 desktop pc list has been created based on the interest for intel core i7 desktop pc buyers of BD Stall.

Intel Core i7 Desktop PC Model Price in BD
Gaming PC Core i7 8th Gen 16GB RAM 256GB SSD ৳ 25,000
HP AIO 240 G9 Core i7 12th Gen All-In-One PC ৳ 123,000
Desktop PC Core i7 4th Gen 8GB RAM 1TB HDD ৳ 15,000
Core i7 PC (Removed) ৳ 14,499
Lenovo IdeaCentre AIO 3 24IAP7 Core i7 13th Gen 512GB ৳ 106,000
HP ProOne 240 G9 Core i7 12th Gen All-In-One PC ৳ 113,000
HP Pro Tower 290 G9 Core i7 12th Gen Brand PC ৳ 72,000
Desktop PC Core i7 1st Gen with 19" LED Dell Monitor ৳ 12,999
Desktop PC Core i7 1st Gen 8GB RAM 20" Monitor ৳ 16,400
Desktop PC Core i7 1st Gen 19" LED 1TB HDD / 8GB RAM ৳ 14,800