Yarmee Conference System

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৳ 35,000
17 days ago
Yarmee YC893 Wireless Conference System

High flexibility and reliability, ideal for mobile conference systems, simple operation and compact structures,...

৳ 50,000
17 days ago
Yarmee YS504X Simultaneous Interpretation System

Professional design, 100Hz-14kHz frequency, channel separation>70dB, auto switched on / off, permitting a high degree...

৳ 15,000
23 days ago
Yarmee YC 822 Multifunctional Conference System

Centralized processing and control discussion, hi-fidelity, build-in mute function, clear sound, supporting USB...

৳ 50,000
30 days ago
Yarmee YSD604 Digital Simultaneous Interpretation System

Yarmee YSD604 digital simultaneous interpretation system has perfect sound quality, up to 8 MHz modulation frequency,...

৳ 27,000
1 month ago
Yarmee YCU892 Digital Wireless Conference System

Yarmee YCU892 wireless conference system has wireless meeting system receiver unit, wireless chairman microphone,...

৳ 18,000
17 days ago
Yarmee YC833 Camera Tracking Video Conference System

Yarmee YC833 video conference system has built-in video camera tracking function, teleconferencing with telephone...

৳ 8,000
17 days ago
Yarmee YC813 Multifunctional Base Conference System

YC813 is a multifunctional conference system central unit for processing and control discussion, build-in mute, connect...

৳ 18,000
17 days ago
Yarmee YC845 Digital Audio Conference System

Mix discussion, camera tracking and voting function, teleconferencing with telephone coincidence, built-in frequency...