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Mist Fan 35L Water Tank Heavy Duty Aluminium Blade Price in Bangladesh

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৳ 28,500
14 days ago

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ID 18210
Lowest Price ৳ 28,500
Item Air Cooler
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Seller Location Dhaka City, Bangladesh

Price in Bangladesh

Mist fan 35l water tank heavy duty aluminium blade price in bangladesh is ৳ 28,500 Taka and The Mist fan is highly efficient, durable, and powerful in design. It is basically a type of cooler fan with a 35-liter water tank attached. The fan has 3 three aluminum-bladed fans that can cover an area of 600 to 1000 square feet and can reduce room temperature by 2-10 degrees Celsius. The Mist fan has the option to adjust the volume so that it can be used for a long time with low noise. Even keeping it at a height of 1700 to 2100 mm and rotating at an angle of 90 degrees cools the environment of the room. Moreover, the 600 square feet area is able to maintain a cool environment for up to 24 hours by using less water from the tank attached to the fan.


The Mist fan with a 35-liter water tank offers efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly cooling suitable for a wide range of applications. Mist fan is a very popular fan at a low price in Bangladesh.

Efficient Cooling: The fan rapidly evaporates water thereby helping to cool the air around a specific area faster. This fan is an effective cooling solution for hot and dry climates.

Large water tank capacity: With a 35-liter water tank capacity, the fan can operate for long periods of time without the need for refilling. Furthermore, the fan is suitable for use as a convenient and low-maintenance cooling option.

Eco-Friendly: Mist fan is eco-friendly and the most cost-effective fan for cooling large or small spaces. It uses water to cool any space temperature, which is more sustainable and environmentally friendly than the refrigerants used by traditional air conditioners.

Flexible: The fan can be easily used in different settings. As a result, it can be easily carried and used in indoor places such as homes, offices, outdoor cafes, or large warehouses and factories.

Cost-effective: Mist fan generally consume less electricity than traditional air conditioners. So it is very popular in BD as it is cost-effective and suitable for cooling large areas.

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