Canon Printer Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Canon Printer Buying in Bangladesh

Printers have become an important part of everyday life these days. But to get all the benefits in one, you have to go for Canon printer. Because Canon printers are now not limited to printing only, but have spread in the Bangladesh market with a wide variety of specialties including copying, scanning.

Why buy Canon printers?

Canon printers have some features that are more convenient than other printers in the market. And these facilities provide special services for printing, scanning. Some of the features of Canon printers are discussed below:

1. Canon printers can print in both white and black mode in high quality resolution.

2. The cost of ink in Canon printers is not that much, so it can be said that the cost of ink in Canon printers is a little less compared to other printers in the Bangladesh market.

3. Canon printers have the convenience of printing in duplex mode even in the cheapest Canon printers.

4. Canon printers can print in very short time. The printing speed of Canon's low cost printers is comparable to other expensive printers in Bangladesh and in many cases even better.

5. Many Canon printers now feature Wi-Fi connectivity. As a result, you can easily print out without any cable connection.

6. Canon photo printers can print images at very high quality resolutions.

7. Keeping in mind the convenience of customers, Canon is constantly adding special technologies to their printers.

What is the price of Canon printer in Bangladesh?

Canon printer price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 10,000 only. This printer can print at 4800 x 1200 dpi resolution in both black and white and color modes. There are also different types of Canon printers available in Bangladesh. Basically Canon printer price depends on various features and technology.

How many types of Canon printers are available in Bangladesh?

The series of popular Canon printers widely available in Bangladesh are:

    • Canon Pixma
    • Canon ImageClass

Canon Pixma:

Canon Pixma series printers are basically called all-in-one color printers. Because this series of printers mostly use modern features. These series can print in both black and white and color modes. Not only that, these series printers are also capable of scanning and faxing. The price of Canon Pixma printers in Bangladesh is very cheap now.

Canon ImageClass:

Canon image class printers are mostly used in offices, educational institutions, business. Canon printers of this series mainly print in black and white mode, but its printing resolution is very high. High resolution printing on Canon image class printers is perfect so there is no problem when printing important documents. This series of printers provide various services to the customers. Canon image class printer price in Bangladesh is affordable.

How to find the right Canon printer?

There are different types of Canon printers in Bangladesh with different technologies. Here are some important tips for finding the right Canon printer:

Type of work:

First you need to know about the type of work because if you don't know what type of printing you need, you may choose the wrong printer and it may not produce any useful work. So Canon printer should be selected according to the type of work.


What are the features of the preferred Canon printer, they must be checked first. The more specialties the more benefits it should bear in mind. Today's modern Canon printers are equipped with a variety of excellent features that make printing easy, fast and affordable.


Currently, Canon printers available in Bangladesh market are adding WiFi technology as connectivity which is a good aspect. Advances in Wi-Fi technology allow Canon printers to connect wirelessly to mobiles, computers, laptops or other Wi-Fi devices. As a result, it takes less time in addition to being used by many people.

Paper size:

Canon printer should be selected by checking what size paper it can print on, then besides the correct use of the printer, money will also be saved.