Photo Printer Price in Bangladesh

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Photo printers are currently the most in-demand printers in Bangladesh. These printers are much more convenient and can do photo printing at a lower cost. Photo printers are now available in Bangladesh at affordable prices, but a photo printer can easily provide long-term support. These photo printers are widely used in stores and studios of Bangladesh. There are several things you need to consider to make sure the printer is suitable for your job:

Types of photo printers:

The most suitable for photo printing are inkjet photo printers and die-sublimation printers.

Inkjet photo printers: Inkjet photo printers are often used to print pictures in stores. These types of photo printers can print instant photos. And because the cost is very low, it is popular with everyone.

Die-sublimation printer: It takes a while to print with a dye-sublimation printer, but this type of image quality is the best. These are mostly used in Bangladeshi studios. However, the picture lasted for a long time. So this types of printers have to use special types of paper.

Color accuracy:

Color accuracy is very important for photo printing. The printer must print the color of the image correctly because without color accuracy the print will look very faded and dull. So when buying a printer in Bangladesh, you have to keep in mind how good the color of the printing is.

Types of ink and longevity of printing:

Dye colors and pigment colors are very famous for photo printing. The color of the pigment lasts for many days and this color is somewhat expensive. On the other hand, dye ink is very useful and affordable for color printing. Inkjet photo printers usually use pigment ink or inkjet ink, but some models use die ink. If buying for business or studio, consider the cost of ink.

Paper size:

Generally, a 13-inch paper is enough to print all kinds of photos. If you want to do business, choose a photo print that can print 17-inch or 24-inch paper for large printing.


One of the most important things to consider when buying a printer is the cost. The cost of creating a print must be calculated before buying a printer. Because of the wrong feed, excess ink, and user errors such as incorrect driver settings, poor color control, and unsatisfactory working conditions (dust, power increase, and more) the possibility of wasting ink and paper must be considered. Although the price of dye ink is low but the price of pigment ink is high, the model of the printer will be selected on the basis of the total cost considering these factors. A photo printer price in Bangladesh is over 11,000 Taka and is enough for a small shop. Those who want to print good quality color at home or office can also buy it. And the price of die-sublimation printer in BD is at least 50 thousand Taka. These are great for studios or large organizations and also cost less ink. All types of photo printers are now available in Bangladesh, so consider your budget and choose the best one by comparing the prices in the photo printer section of BD Stall.