Honda Car Price in Bangladesh

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Currently, the use of Honda cars has increased a lot along with other brands of cars for commuting on the roads of Bangladesh. Because to make the journey comfortable and safe, the Honda brand is adding high quality wheels, tires, brakes, engines, good quality air bags, smooth steering, soft seats and various other features to its cars. With various designs and models, Honda cars have gained a place among the customers of Bangladesh. The price of Honda cars in Bangladesh is very reasonable and quite low according to the service.

What are the special features of Honda cars?

Honda cars have some unique features compared to other cars that provide excellent performance and feel. These are:

1. Honda is a Japanese car so it can be used for a long time and it is quite popular in Bangladesh.

2. Superior design sets it apart from other brands.

3. Honda car engine is very good so both oil and gas consumption is very low.

4. Honda cars have been using advanced airbags for a long time, so they are far ahead in terms of passenger safety ratings.

5. The braking system of Honda cars is very powerful which provides safe braking in emergency moments.

6. Honda car tires are of very good quality so the car slows down as soon as it brakes.

7. Honda cars have been adding quality AC for a long time. Other car ACs suffer from suffocation but the superior quality ACs of Honda cars prevent this and provide free cool air.

8. Honda cars in Bangladesh are available in both hybrid and non-hybrid types, so you can easily buy one as per your choice.

What is the price of Honda cars in Bangladesh?

Honda car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 2,60,000. These are old Honda cars that have 5 seats, automatic gear transmission, 1500 cc engine capacity, super cool AC, ABS disc brake, parking brake, fresh interior, super sound system, headlights, 2 airbags and many other features in this Honda car. Basically Honda car price in Bangladesh is determined depending on Honda car condition, model, design, color and accessories. However, the latest model Honda cars have many advanced engines and various security features, but their prices start from 2,000,000 Taka.

What series of Honda cars are currently available in Bangladesh?

Currently most series of Honda cars are available in Bangladesh market like Honda Ascot, Honda Grace, Honda Vezel, Honda C-R, Honda Civic. Each Honda series in Bangladesh has a different price range and also has a great design so you can buy the best series according to your choice. Especially for this reason, the popularity of Honda cars in Bangladesh is increasing.

Best Honda Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

Honda Car Model Price in BD
Honda CR-V JDM 2004 ৳ 1,250,000
Honda CR-V 2015 ৳ 4,250,000
Honda Vezel 2015 Non Hybrid ৳ 2,195,000
Honda Civic EX 2019 ৳ 3,930,000
Honda Vezel 2016 Non Hybrid ৳ 2,480,000
Honda Grace 2016 ৳ 1,920,000
Honda CRV 2012 Blue ৳ 2,500,000
Honda Vezel 2014 ৳ 1,900,000
Honda Vezel 2014 Hybrid ৳ 1,780,000
Honda Airwave 2006 ৳ 1,350,000