Hyundai Car Price in Bangladesh

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Hyundai Motor Company is currently the largest car manufacturer in the world. Due to the attractive features and superior quality of Hyundai cars, the demand for these in Bangladesh has increased at a great rate. Currently, several models of reconditioned and used-condition Hyundai car is available in Bangladesh at an affordable price.

Why buy Hyundai Car?

1. Futuristic Design: Hyundai car is displayed with an attractive futuristic design so that the design does not get old after years.

2. Powerful Engine: Hyundai car is very popular in Bangladesh especially because of the powerful engine. As a result, Hyundai cars can move easily on the hilly roads of Bangladesh.

3. Safety System: Hyundai cars do not compromise on safety, thus Hyundai cars include strong body structure as well as other safety systems such as ABS with EBS, emergency stop signal, airbags, etc.

4. Fuel Efficient: Hyundai car is known to be fuel efficient. Hyundai vehicles can run from a minimum of 15 km to 27 km per liter of fuel.

5. Superior Build Quality: Hyundai vehicle is manufactured with superior quality materials so that cars manufactured a century ago are still seen running on the road with most of the original parts.

How much is the price of Hyundai Car in Bangladesh?

Hyundai car price depends on its model, registration year, mileage, condition, etc. Currently, buying a Hyundai car in Bangladesh costs at least Tk 400,000 which is an old model used car. Also, buying a new model Hyundai car will cost more than Tk 2,000,000. However, fresh condition Hyundai cars of 2010/2011 model can be bought for Tk 12 to 16 lakh.