Tata Car Price in Bangladesh

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Tata Car Buying in Bangladesh

Tata car is originally manufactured by the Indian multinational automotive company Tata Motors Limited. This car is quite affordable compared to international brands as they are manufactured in neighboring countries. The brand is available from small hatchback to large SUV and saloon car, that is suitable for use on any road in Bangladesh. Moreover, the efficient and powerful engines used in Tata car are quite fuel efficient. Overall, Tata car has become popular in Bangladesh mainly because of their affordable price, advanced engine and reliable servicing facilities.

Tata Car Series

  • Tata Nano: Tata Nano is basically a compact size car. It is known as city car or mini car in Bangladesh. This series of car has a 0.6 liter petrol engine, which gives a mileage of around 21-23 km/litre. Moreover, the Tata Nano car has basic features like 4-inch display, manual air conditioning and power steering. Tata Nano car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 350,000.
  • Tata Indigo: Tata Indigo car is generally compact sedans with classic designs. car of this series is offered with both petrol and diesel engines. Tata Indigo car gives a mileage of around 15-25km per litre, which can be bought between Tk 300,000 and Tk 500,000 in Bangladesh. Apart from this, Tata Indigo offers features like 2-DIN music system, power windows and central locking.
  • Tata Double Cabin: The Tata Double Cabin car is designed with a separate cargo area at the rear. This model has a 1.4 liter diesel engine, which gives a mileage of around 14 km/liter. The Tata Double Cavin car is designed with 2-DIN music system, power steering and dual-tone interior. Tata Double cabin car is available from Tk 700,000 to Tk 1,000,000 in Bangladesh, which is suitable for small business use.

Why buy Tata Car?

Stylish Design: Tata car usually offer modern and attractive designs. car from this brand feature sleek designs, aerodynamic exteriors, swept-back headlamps and a coupe-like roof line. As a result, Tata car is the center of attraction for drivers and car enthusiasts in Bangladesh.

Advanced Engine: Tata continues to work on engine technology to deliver improved performance and efficiency. Many Tata car have turbocharged petrol and diesel engines that deliver impressive power outputs. Moreover, the engine is reliably and sustainably designed to give Tata car a smooth and comfortable driving experience.

Interior: Tata car provides quite comfortable interiors, which are designed mainly with the needs of the passengers in mind. As a result, the Tata car offers a spacious cabin with ample legroom and headroom, giving it a premium feel.

Transmission System: This brand of car has manual and automatic manual (AMT) gearboxes. Hence, you can choose the transmission system according to your choice while buying a Tata car. The transmission system of Tata car mainly provides smooth power delivery and efficient gear shift facility. As a result, an improved driving experience is achieved.

Engine Capacity: Tata car is usually supplied with engines of 630 cc to 2500 cc capacity. Also, the Tata Nano comes with a 0.6-litre diesel engine in compact sizes to a 1.5-litre diesel engine in models like the Tata Nexon. As a result, you can easily buy the Tata car of your choice according to your needs and budget.

Fuel System: Tata car is available in Bangladesh with both petrol and diesel fuel systems. car of this brand ensure optimum performance and efficiency with proper fuel system. As a result, you can buy a Tata car by choosing the right fuel system according to your needs and preferences.

Color: Tata car is available in Bangladesh in different colors including maroon, white, red. So, you can easily collect the Tata car in the color of your choice.

Safety Feature: The Tata car is designed with various safety features including dual airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors and corner stability control. Tata car with this feature help ensure passenger safety in the event of an accident. So, you can buy Tata car as a safe car for the roads of Bangladesh.

After Sales Service: There are authorized Tata car servicing centers all over Bangladesh to provide maintenance and repair facilities to the customers. Besides, skilled technicians are available. So any problem Tata car can be repaired instantly. As a result, Tata will be able to maintain the car's good performance over time.

Tata Car price in Bangladesh

Both used and reconditioned Tata car are available in Bangladesh. Currently Tata car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 300,000 which is a used condition car and engine capacity is 630 cc. Also, all Tata car price in Bangladesh varies depending on vehicle model, design, body style, engine capacity, color, fuel system, transmission and other features. However, Tata car with 2500 cc engine capacity, diesel engine, and 5 seats starts at Tk 750,000 in Bangladesh.

Best Tata Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for July, 2024

Given are best tata car list in Bangladesh for July, 2024. This best tata car list has been created based on the interest for tata car buyers of BD Stall.

Tata Car Model Price in BD
Tata Indigo Ecs 2013 ৳ 370,000
Tata Nano 2014 ৳ 299,999
Tata Indigo Ecs 2017 ৳ 390,000
Tata Dabol Cavin 2008 ৳ 750,000
Tata Indigo eCS ৳ 350,000