Toyota Corolla Price in Bangladesh

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Toyota Corolla is a compact design car produced by a Japanese company. Toyota Corolla is the most popular and best-selling car in Bangladesh along with all over the world. Corolla car is available in various body designs including sedan, hatchback and wagon and is well-known in BD for reliability, fuel efficiency and affordability. Currently, in Bangladesh, Toyota Corolla is a popular car among young to professional drivers as it is a versatile and reliable car.

What is the specialty of Toyota Corolla car?

The Toyota Corolla is a reliable, fuel-efficient, safe and affordable car that offers a range of features to suit the driver's needs.

1. Advanced Engine: Toyota Corolla car is usually built with four-cylinder engines. As a result, this vehicle delivers good fuel efficiency and reliable performance.

2. Transmission System: Toyota Corolla car primarily uses a continuously variable transmission (CVT). As a result, this car offers smooth acceleration and improved fuel efficiency.

3. Safety Features: Toyota Corolla car is well known for its advanced safety systems. These include adaptive cruise control, steering assistant, lane changing alert, automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian detection and a rearview camera. So the Toyota Corolla will help drivers stay safe as well as provide an enhanced driving experience.

4. Fuel efficiency: Toyota Corolla features a hybrid, sport-tuned suspension and paddle shifter design to handle the car's engine. As a result, fuel, gas as well as electric power can be run. The Corolla is quite fuel efficient, with a mileage of around 14km per liter of fuel.

5. Comfort & Convenience: Toyota Corolla is built with advanced technology and a comfortable design to provide a unique driving experience. Even the Corolla comes with air conditioning, a power-adjustable driving seat, heated front seats, keyless entry, etc.

6. Multimedia System: Toyota Corolla comes with an infotainment system that includes a touchscreen display, Bluetooth connectivity, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, and a USB port.

7. Interior & Exterior Design: Toyota Corolla vehicle is designed using premium materials and different colors inside and out to provide comfortable and modern facilities to the users. As a result, the Corolla looks very sleek from the outside and the seating arrangement and the interior are very attractive.

In addition, the Toyota Corolla comes with advanced technologies like Safety Sense 2.0 with pedestrian detection, pre-collision, steering assistant, lane changing alert and dynamic radar cruise control system.

What is the price of Toyota Corolla car in Bangladesh?

Both used and reconditioned Toyota Corolla car is available in Bangladesh. Currently, Toyota Corolla car price in Bangladesh starts from TK 11,40,000 which is a used car and the engine capacity is 1500 cc. Also, Toyota Corolla prices in BD vary based on vehicle model, design as well as advanced technologies including a pre-collision system, adaptive cruise control, steering assistant, lane changing alert and rearview camera. However, currently, the price of 1800 cc capacity, hybrid engine, 5 seats reconditioned Toyota Corolla car in Bangladesh price starts from TK 34,00,000.

Best Corolla Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

Corolla Car Model Price in BD
Toyota Corolla 111 XE Saloon White Color ৳ 600,000
Toyota Corolla X 2005 ৳ 1,100,000
Toyota Corolla WXB 2020 ৳ 3,500,000
Toyota Corolla X 2004 ৳ 1,090,000
Toyota Corolla X 2003 ৳ 1,050,000
Toyota X-Corolla 2006 ৳ 1,260,000
Toyota Corolla X 2006 ৳ 1,195,000
Toyota X Corolla 2004 ৳ 1,250,000
Toyota X Corolla 2005 White ৳ 1,245,000
Toyota Corolla X Fielder 2005 ৳ 1,180,000