Axio Car Price in Bangladesh

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Axio Car Buying in Bangladesh

Toyota Axio series car is currently in the list of best choice car in Bangladesh due to its low price. These cars can be seen everywhere in Bangladesh. Toyota Axio cars are best for both local and highway roads of Bangladesh due to best mileage with very low fuel consumption and powerful engine. Also stylish looking, lighting, sensors, auto transmission gear, high quality comfortable seats, armrest facilities, excellent interiors give Toyota Axio cars a premium look.

Why buy Toyota Axio?

Toyota Axio, which is currently in the list of the best cars in Bangladesh, has various exceptional features. Braking system, speed, smart auto transmission gear system have been attached to Toyota Axio cars since long but these facilities are getting more advanced in current models. The wheels of Toyota Axio cars are a little bigger than other cars and there is a lot of space under the car, so this car can run on high and low roads or hilly areas without any damage.

What is the price of Toyota Axio car in Bangladesh?

Toyota Axio car price in Bangladesh is very cheap like 2010 model Toyota Axio car price is only Tk 12,85,000. The body style of this 5 seater car is called saloon. The Toyota Axio 2010 car is equipped with a complete anti-theft security system. It also has fog lights for highway driving. There are different models of Toyota Axio cars in Bangladesh which are priced based on model, registration year, fuel system, engine capacity, design, color and other accessories.

How is the Toyota Axio steering?

The Toyota Axio steering can be customized according to your convenience, that is, the driver can raise and lower the steering wheel according to his convenience. Many cars don't have this facility due to which the driver has to face many problems. In such a situation, the chances of many accidents are high, but in Toyota Axio, the possibility of accidents is reduced because of the steering facility.

Is the hybrid version of the Toyota Axio available?

Hybrid models of the Toyota Axio are available in Bangladesh but the price is a little higher than the non-hybrid. These Axio hybrid cars are capable of providing high mileage with very low fuel consumption and can also run on battery. Basically the Toyota Axio hybrid cars are run on both power so its running cost is very low. It runs by burning fuel oil and when the oil is wasted, that waste is converted into electrical energy.

Corolla car better or Axio car?

An advanced model of the Toyota Corolla is the Axio car. It has high quality CVT gear and all modern facilities.

How to get mileage in Toyota Axio car?

Toyota Axio will get mileage of 10 to 12 KMPL on local roads and 15 to 18 KMPL on highway. But its hybrid version can go from 23 to 33 KMPL.

How is the space in the Toyota Axio car?

Toyota Axio has ample space. There is ample legroom in the front seats and 3 people can comfortably sit in the back seat, albeit with a bit less room. The rear trunk of the Axio can hold 3 pieces of luggage. Hence Toyota Axio is the best car for traveling.

What is the AC of the car Toyota Axio?

Current Toyota Axio car AC is very good quality and it has high oxygen level so it does not cause suffocation. ACs are fully controlled by touch panel in Toyota Axio cars. Many people experience vomiting or fear of vomiting when they get into the car just because the AC air lacks enough oxygen but this is not the case with the Toyota Axio because it has enough oxygen in the AC air so there is no fear of vomiting.

Which models of Toyota Axio cars are most available in Bangladesh?

The models of Toyota Axio cars in Bangladesh that are most available in Bangladesh are:

   • Toyota Axio 2010
   • Toyota Axio G 2010
   • Toyota Axio 2011
   • Toyota Axio X 2011
   • Toyota Axio G 2011
   • Toyota Axio 2012
   • Toyota Axio G 2012
   • Toyota Axio 2013
   • Toyota Axio 2016
   • Toyota Axio X 2016
   • Toyota Axio 2017
   • Toyota Axio X 2017
   • Toyota Axio G 2017

What color Toyota Axio cars are available in Bangladesh?

There are several colors of Toyota Axio cars available in Bangladesh, these are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Silver

But apart from these, red and green colored Toyota Axio cars are available occasionally. But above mentioned Toyota Axio car colors are more popular.

Best Axio Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Axio Car Model Price in BD
Toyota Axio X 2012 ৳ 1,675,000
Toyota Axio 2013 Pearl ৳ 1,780,000
Toyota Axio X 2007 Pearl Color ৳ 1,240,000
Toyota Axio 2015 1500cc ৳ 1,980,000
Toyota Axio push 2006 ৳ 1,170,000
Toyota Axio G Package 2018 ৳ 2,750,000
Toyota Axio 2007 ৳ 1,295,000
Toyota Axio G 2013 ৳ 1,900,000
Toyota Axio Fielder 2013 Hybrid ৳ 1,680,000
Toyota Axio 2009 Red Wine Color ৳ 1,100,000