Toyota Probox Car Price in Bangladesh

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One of the reasons for the popularity of Probox car in Bangladesh is its spacious cargo space. Toyota Probox car is commonly known as Probox Wagon and Commercial Van. The Toyota Probox car is specially designed for transporting small families with goods or equipment. However, the Probox wagon is used more in small businesses due to the ease of carrying goods. Currently, Toyota Probox recondition car is available in Bangladesh at affordable price.

How much is the price of Toyota Probox in Bangladesh?

Currently, Toyota Probox price in Bangladesh is determined based on engine cc capacity, model year, registration year, color, body style, etc. Buying a Probox car in Bangladesh will cost at least 500,000 BDT which comes in used condition. However, a good condition Probox car is available between 700,000 BDT to 800,000 BDT.

What is the specialty of Toyota Probox car?

1. One of the special features of the Toyota Probox car is its spacious interior cargo space that can easily carry a lot of goods. And, no need to worry about carrying extra luggage on personal or office trips.

2. Toyota Probox car includes advanced engines that can run at least 13 to 19 kilometers per liter of fuel, which is cost-effective for the user.

3. The Toyota Probox comes with a classic body style, which suits any situation.

4. Toyota Probox car has power windows so the car windows can be opened or closed at the click of a button when needed.

5. Toyota Probox car includes good quality AC to make long journeys comfortable.

What type of engine is used in the Toyota Probox car?

Toyota Probox car uses a VVTI engine which is able to provide better performance. As a result, this car can deliver high torque at low rpm and can travel a relatively longer distance using less fuel.

What is the carrying capacity of the Toyota Probox car?

Toyota Probox car has a spacious cargo space so it is capable of carrying around 400 Kg. Due to the high carrying capacity of this vehicle, it is currently being widely used in small offices for carrying goods or equipment in Bangladesh.

How is Toyota Probox car security system?

Toyota Probox has gained huge popularity in Bangladesh due to its advanced safety system. Toyota Probox vehicles typically include anti-lock brakes, airbags, and traction control for the driver and front passenger. Moreover, modern safety feature is included depending on the model year of this car so one must check some safety feature before buying a Toyota Probox car.

What is the mileage of Toyota Probox?

Toyota Probox car provides a mileage of around 9 to 12 kilometers per liter of fuel when used on the city roads of Bangladesh. Moreover, this car offers a maximum mileage of 19 km per liter of fuel on the highway.

How about the price of Toyota Probox car parts in Bangladesh?

Regular maintenance of Toyota Probox vehicles requires the replacement of certain parts. However, there is no reason to worry, the price of Toyota Probox parts in Bangladesh is relatively low. Moreover, Toyota Probox car parts in particular are priced more or less depending on the quality.