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Toyota Aqua Price in Bangladesh

Toyota, one of the world's leading car manufacturers who is started marketing the Aqua series in 2011 as an environmentally friendly and reliable car. The Toyota Aqua car is mainly built on efficient hybrid technology and compact design which has created a response among car users and environment-conscious people. Toyota Aqua is commonly known as Toyota Prius C in Bangladesh. Also, low carbon emissions, regenerative braking system, petrol engine with electric motor provides excellent fuel efficiency on congested roads. At present, Toyota Aqua car is very popular due to its eco-friendly, fuel-efficient, and affordable price in Bangladesh.

What is the price of Toyota Aqua car?

Both used and reconditioned Toyota Aqua car is available in Bangladesh. Currently, Toyota Aqua car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 12,00,000 with engine capacity of 1500 cc and used condition. Also, the price of Toyota Aqua in BD varies based on advanced technology like TV navigation system, digital mileage, ABS, advanced design with airbags, model, hybrid engine and automatic transmission system, etc.

What is the specialty of Toyota Aqua car?

Toyota Aqua car has advanced technology as well as special features, which provide a better driving experience. The notable feature of the Aqua car is:

1. Aqua car is designed with advanced technology hybrid synergy drive system. Which is usually made up of electric engine and petrol engine. This kind of hybrid technology aqua car offers better fuel efficiency and less carbon emission. Also provides a seamless driving experience by easily switching between the two engines.

2. Toyota Aqua car is made in compact design. This makes for easy parking in tight spaces and easy driving on congested roads.

3. The Aqua car has a comfortable 5-seater seating arrangement, along with ample storage compartments, cup holders, power windows, and power-adjustable side mirrors.

4. The Toyota Aqua car has a good system for monitoring the amount of fuel or energy consumed by the use of an electric motor or fuel. It also provides extensive information on how much energy is consumed in daily driving.

5. The Toyota Aqua uses regenerative braking technology, which captures and stores energy generated during braking. Which further increases fuel efficiency by recharging the hybrid battery.

6. Toyota Aqua car can be operated in two driving modes such as Eco mode and Power mode. In which Eco mode optimizes fuel for driving and Power mode generally provides enhanced performance in spirited driving.

7. LED lights are generally used in the headlights and taillights of the Aqua car. Which provides better light than halogen lights. Moreover, the use of LED lights does not require frequent bulb replacement.

Toyota Aqua also comes with various functions like audio control, Bluetooth connectivity, navigation, and smartphone integration. Which will give the user a thrilling experience in driving the Toyota Aqua car.

Can Toyota Aqua car be used without key?

It is often the case that driving involves getting into trouble with the keys by mistake. And to solve this problem Toyota Aqua is equipped with smart key system in many cars, as a result of which the car can be entered and started without a key.

How mileage can be obtained by using an Aqua car?

Toyota Aqua car is mainly built on hybrid engine, which provides efficient fuel power. Aqua car gives a mileage of around 22-24 km per liter on congested roads in Bangladesh. Also, on the highway, the maximum mileage is about 34 Km. per liter.

What is the safety feature of Toyota Aqua car?

Currently, Toyota company has added advanced security systems in the production of Aqua series of cars to provide sufficient security to the user. For example - an anti-lock braking system, electronic brake-force distribution, vehicle stability control, traction control, multiple airbags, and a rearview camera are included in Toyota Aqua, which is effective enough to keep the user alert and safe.

What color Toyota Aqua car is available in Bangladesh?

Toyota Aqua at an affordable price in Bangladesh is usually available in Black, Red, Silver, Pop Orange Crystal Shine, and other popular colors. However, if someone wants to change the color according to their own choice, then the color of the vehicle must be changed with the permission of BTRC.

Best Aqua Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for September, 2023

Aqua Car Model Price in BD
Toyota Aqua 2014 ৳ 1,400,000
Toyota Aqua 2013 ৳ 1,350,000
Toyota Aqua 2013 Hybrid ৳ 1,295,000
Toyota Aqua 2013 ৳ 1,250,000
Toyota Aqua G Edition 2013 ৳ 1,245,000
Toyota Aqua 2017 Car ৳ 1,799,999
Toyota Aqua G Push 2013 ৳ 1,290,000
Toyota Aqua 2014 Hybrid Car ৳ 1,600,000