Toyota Crown Price in Bangladesh

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The world-famous Japanese car manufacturer Toyota Company markets the Crown car as a mid-size luxury car. The Toyota Crown continues to market cars in SUV, sedan, and wagon body styles to the present day. Toyota Crown has gained special popularity in Bangladesh and worldwide due to its attractive design and advanced technology. Different designs of old and reconditioned Toyota Crown car is currently available in Bangladesh.

What is the price of Toyota Crown car?

Currently, Toyota Crown car price in Bangladesh is determined based on the car's body style, engine capacity, condition, and features. Toyota Crown car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 2,00,000 which is old condition. Besides, the price of new model Toyota Crown in Bangladesh starts from Tk 15,00,000 to Tk 20,00,000. However, the price of Toyota Crown is slightly higher with advanced technology and safety features.

What is the specialty of Toyota Crown car?

Toyota Crown car is very popular among car users in Bangladesh due to its design, special technology, and other special features. Special features are discussed:

1. High engine capacity: The engine capacity of Toyota Crown cars is relatively high. As a result, the Toyota Crown car can run at relatively high speeds. Generally, the engine capacity of most Toyota Crown cars is 2000 cc and 2500 cc.

2. Hybrid Fuel System: The fuel system of the current Toyota Crown car is hybrid. As a result, fuel consumption is relatively low and more distances can be covered at lower cost.

3. Camera System: Most of the Toyota Crown cars have 360 degree cameras, so all the surrounding images can be seen while the car is in motion. As a result, Toyota Crown car is less prone to accidents.

4. Advanced Braking System: The Toyota Crown car has an advanced braking system, so it can brake hard in any difficult situation. Due to the advanced braking system of the Toyota Crown car, it is possible to avoid unexpected accidents.

5. Interior Design: Toyota Crown is very popular among car users due to its attractive interior design. Moreover, the interior design of Toyota Crown car is comparatively more luxurious.

6. Exterior Design: The exterior design of Toyota Crown is elegant and luxurious. As a result, it fits into any environment.

7. Eco-Friendly: Toyota Crown cars emit 70 percent less CO, HC, and NOX, thus earning the reputation of being eco-friendly.

8. Durability: Toyota Crown cars are built with strong construction, hence can be used comfortably for a long time.

In addition, Toyota Crown cars are equipped with multiple airbags that provide special protection to the driver and passengers in the event of an accident.