Ambulance Price in Bangladesh

Ambulance is a very important vehicle for providing emergency medical as well as transport services. Bangladesh's healthcare system has very limited infrastructure, so ambulance is the main means of communication for transferring patients from one place to another for treatment. Moreover, ambulance provide services in both public and private sectors in BD with varying levels of quality and accessibility. Currently, the role of ambulance is becoming important increasingly in Bangladesh as well as the quality and availability of ambulance services have increased to a great extent.

How much does an ambulance cost?

Both used and reconditioned ambulance is available in BD. Currently, ambulance prices in Bangladesh start from Tk 11,20,000 with an engine capacity of 2,000 CC and used condition. Also, the price of ambulance in BD varies based on advanced technology, engine capacity, design, model, transmission system, etc. However, today ambulance with improved safety, fuel system, improved design, and better facilities for patients start from TK 23,00,000.

What should be in the ambulance?

The specific equipment and supplies in an ambulance vary depending on the type of ambulance. Important things in an ambulance are:

First aid supplies: First aid supplies like bandages, sterile dressings, gauze, adhesive tape and antiseptic should be carried in the ambulance.

Oxygen equipment: Ambulances should have oxygen supply systems to supply oxygen to patients suffering from respiratory distress.

Defibrillator: Defibrillators are primarily used to treat cardiac arrest and arrhythmias in patients. So the ambulance should have a defibrillator as well as skilled personnel to operate it.

Stretcher: Ambulances must have stretchers for transporting patients safely and comfortably.

Splint: Splints are mainly used to immobilize broken bones or other injuries. Therefore, the ambulance must have different sizes of splints to keep the broken parts of the body stable while carrying the injured patients.

Suction equipment: Suction equipment should be available to clear airways or remove solid secretions and other fluids from the patient's mouth and throat.

Medication: An ambulance should carry a variety of emergency medications for pain relievers, anti-anxiety medications, and other treatments.

Communication equipment: Besides having mobile phones for communication from ambulance, emergency hospital contact numbers and other emergency medical services should have facilities to provide efficient medical services like over-phone support.

Overall, the equipment and supply system of the ambulance is primarily designed to provide emergency medical care to patients en route to the hospital. Therefore, the specific equipment and supply system of ambulances in Bangladesh varies depending on the level of service.

What is Type-1 Ambulance?

Type-1 ambulance is equipped with advanced life support systems which are ideal ambulance in BD for transferring cardiac attack patients to hospitals with emergency support. Currently, Type-1 ambulance in Bangladesh is usually designed as trucks with heavy-duty chassis and customized ambulance bodies. This type of ambulance in BD is designed with various emergency medical equipment including airway management equipment, cardiac monitor, defibrillator, and emergency medicine. Also, Type-1 ambulance in Bangladesh has highly trained paramedic who is capable of providing advanced medical care.

How to find the most affordable ambulance service in Bangladesh?

Getting an affordable ambulance service in Bangladesh is somewhat challenging. However, there are some important things to consider to get an ambulance service that fits the budget. For example, use of online media, contact with health insurance providers, and verification from acquaintances should be taken. Also, BD should check on their own if an ambulance is usually available in the local hospital area. But one thing that must be taken care of is that in case of urgent need, rather than checking the price, should check the quality of ambulance service in Bangladesh.

How much does an ambulance ride cost in BD?

Ambulance travel costs in BD generally vary depending on the distance traveled, medical procedures required and the type of ambulance used. Currently, the cost of ambulance travel in Bangladesh ranges from Tk 1,500 to Tk 10,000 or more. However, government hospitals in Bangladesh and some NGO organizations provide free or subsidized ambulance services for low-income individuals or patients with chronic illnesses.