Pajero Car Price in Bangladesh

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Pajero Car Buying in Bangladesh

Pajero car is an SUV body type car that Mitsubishi has marketed globally including in Bangladesh. Pajero is capable of running smoothly on any type of road, from high mountain roads. This series of car has an attractive interior and strong structure. Usually in Bangladesh government officials and wealthy people use Mitsubishi Pajero car at a higher rate. Currently, various models of new and reconditioned Pajero car is available in Bangladesh.

What is the price of Pajero car in Bangladesh?

Currently, Pajero car price in Bangladesh is determined based on its model, engine cc capacity, model year, registration year, color, condition, etc. Pajero car in Bangladesh costs at least 300,000 BDT, but it is usually of an older model and comes in used condition. Moreover, the price of the new model Pajero car is between 7,000,000 BDT to 10,000,000 BDT. However, a good quality reconditioned Pajero car can fetch between 2,500,000 to 3,000,000 BDT.

What is the specialty of Pajero car?

1. Pajero includes a powerful engine that makes it capable of moving smoothly from flat roads to hilly terrains.

2. Pajero vehicle includes Double Wisdom suspension at the front resulting in better road stability.

3. Pajero comes with power steering for smooth driving.

4. Pajero car is featured an attractive body style and is also considered a comfortable luxury car.

5. Pajero vehicle has special safety features including an emergency braking system which helps to increase its safety.

What type of engine has been used in the Pajero car?

Most of the Pajero car uses a turbocharged diesel engine so the Pajero car engine is powerful. Moreover, the four generations of the Pajero and the pre-facelift, first-facelift, second facelift vehicles have used engines of different models and capacities.

What is the mileage of the Pajero car?

Pajero vehicle mileage may vary depending on model and engine capacity. However, a typical Pajero car can run between 9.5 and 13.5 km per liter of fuel. Also, the mileage may vary depending on the engine condition of this vehicle, so check the Pajero mileage before buying.

How safe is the Mitsubishi Pajero car?

Most models of Mitsubishi Pajero vehicles have a 5-star ANCAP rating safety system. This car has high-quality dual frontal, side chest, and side head airbags. Additionally, most Pajero vehicles include antilock brakes (ABS), electronic brake distribution (EBD), electronic stability control (ESC), and seat belts with two front seats. So, before buying a Mitsubishi Pajero car one must know about its safety features.

Is 4-wheel drive Pajero car available in Bangladesh?

All Pajero car available in Bangladesh has 4-wheel drive. As a result, the Pajero can be driven smoothly on hilly roads. However, the Pajero 1st generation vehicle does not include a 4-WD system. Moreover, Pajero 2nd generation, 3rd generation, 4th generation, and pre-facelift, first facelift, second facelift vehicles include 4-WD system.

Is Pajero hybrid car available in Bangladesh?

Recently some new models of Pajero car is being marketed by Mitsubishi worldwide which is hybrid car. The hybrid model of the Pajero car is the Pajero Sports which is currently not available in Bangladesh. However, the Pajero sports model car may come to Bangladesh soon.

Do all Pajero car has a sunroof?

Pajero 4th generation car includes a sunroof whereas other models of the Pajero car do not have a sunroof.