Microbus Price in Bangladesh

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Mini bus or micro car is basically called microbus. It is a type of passenger vehicle designed to carry 12 to 22 people depending on the size of the vehicle. All over the world as well as in BD, mini bus is used as public transport for medium to short distances. Microbus is a popular vehicle for office, factory workers or travellers in Bangladesh as it is relatively affordable and advanced compared to other modes of transport.

What are the special advantages of Microbus?

Microbuses offer a variety of features depending on the type, model, and purpose of use.

Seating Arrangement: Microbus is generally built in a box-shaped design with a high roof to make the passenger seating attractive and comfortable. However, the number of seats varies depending on the size of the microbus.

Air-Conditioning & Heating System: Mini bus is equipped with air-conditioning and heating systems to provide a comfortable environment for passengers in hot or cold weather.

Entertainment System: Microbus has advanced entertainment systems like DVD player, TV or sound system to entertain the passengers.

Safety: To ensure the safety of the passengers, the micro car has advanced technology safety systems like airbags, seat belts, anti-lock brakes and rearview camera.

Fuel Efficiency: Microbus is designed to be fuel efficient. Apart from using petrol and diesel fuel, it gives very good mileage on gas.

Storage: Microbus has storage compartments or racks for storing luggage or other equipment. As a result, there is no need to worry about carrying goods for any distance.

Customization Option: The mini bus has easy customization options from the manufacturer like colors, seat materials, and interior design.

Also, many microbuses are equipped with ramps or stairs, so that physically challenged passengers can get on and off easily.

What is the price of microbus in Bangladesh?

Both used and reconditioned microbus is available in Bangladesh. At present, microbus price in Bangladesh starts from TK 15,00,000 with an engine capacity of 3100 cc and comes in used condition. Also, the price of mini bus in BD varies based on advanced technology, engine capacity, design, model, and transmission system etc. However, nowadays micro car with advanced safety, fuel system, and advanced design price start from TK 20,00,000.

What to look for before buying a microbus?

In order to choose the right microbus taking into consideration the needs and budget, the following points must be known:

1. Seating Capacity: Determine the number of passengers required for transportation and select the microbus with suitable seating capacity. Also find out if there are folding or removable seats, as these types of seats offer extra flexibility.

2. Purpose of Use: Before buying a microbus, one must consider areas of use such as public transport, private hire, or personal use. Because depending on the type mini bus has different number of seats and different facilities.

3. Maintenance History: Before buying a micro car one should know about the maintenance facilities. Also, a qualified mechanic should check if there is any mechanical fault in the car.

4. Fuel System: It is important to choose a minibus with good fuel efficiency. Microbuses generally use petrol, diesel, electric etc. as fuel. Therefore, it is important to know what kind of mileage will be obtained by using which fuel.

5. Security System: Airbags, seat belts, and anti-lock brakes should be checked before buying a microbus. Also, check if the microbus has backup cameras or additional safety measures for blind spot monitoring.

What kind of microbus can be found for 15 lakh taka?

There are used and reconditioned microbuses of various brands such as Mazda Bongo, Toyota Hiace, Mitsubishi Delica, and Nissan Caravan models in Bangladesh within a budget of TK 15 lakh or less. This micro car is capable of carrying at least 8 to 15 passengers. Moreover, these types of microbuses are very good for transportation or rental.

What is the mileage of a microbus?

Microbus mileage depends on various factors including engine type, fuel type, vehicle weight, and driving conditions. Microcars with a smaller engine is generally more fuel efficient than larger engines, but these tend to have less power. Moreover, microbuses can run on petrol, diesel or alternative fuels such as compressed natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas. But the fuel consumption of micro cars is around 10-15 km per liter. Also, mini bus mileage varies depending on the specific model and other technical factors.

Best Microbus Car Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for November, 2023

Microbus Car Model Price in BD
Toyota LiteAce GLX 1996 ৳ 550,000
Toyota Hiace 2002 ৳ 700,000
Toyota Hiace Super GL 2018 ৳ 4,050,000
Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin 2017 ৳ 3,650,000
Toyota Hiace Super GL 2017 Pearl ৳ 3,455,000
Toyota Hiace Grand Cabin 2017 Silver Car ৳ 3,550,000
Toyota Hiace Super GL 2016 White ৳ 3,100,000