Toyota Harrier Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Harrier Car Buying in Bangladesh

The Harrier series among the Toyota brands is now widely popular in Bangladesh due to some special features. Attractive design, multiple colors, high quality engine, excellent interior design and other benefits are available in Toyota Harrier cars in less money.

What is the engine capacity of Toyota Harrier cars?

Toyota Harrier cars are available with 2500 cc engine capacity. Its engine has 4 cylinders. This engine helps the vehicle to move smoothly. Toyota Harrier car engines are of better quality than other series of Toyota.

How much oil is used in Toyota Harrier cars?

The Toyota Harrier runs on very low fuel consumption. Toyota Harrier car is most suitable for high mileage with less oil. Toyota Harrier consumes 9 to 13 liters of oil per 100 km. And in the hybrid version it can exceed 21 km per liter.

What is the number of seats in the Toyota Harrier car?

Toyota Harrier cars have usually 5 seat. Harrier car seat is very comfortable. Very soft seats are used in these cars to support the neck and back. Its seats come with reinforced seat belts that provide greater protection.

What color is the Toyota Harrier car?

Toyota Harrier cars white, black, pearl these colors are most available in Bangladesh. But red and green colors are also available. So you can easily buy a Toyota Harrier car in the color of your choice.

Which models of Toyota Harrier cars are available in Bangladesh?

Toyota Harrier 2017 model and 2018 model cars are more available in Bangladesh. These cars are specially equipped with Bluetooth system, touch screen monitor, auto transmission gear, high quality AC, lighting facility and many other facilities.

What is the price of Toyota Harrier car in Bangladesh?

Toyota Harrier car price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 56,50,000 only. It has octane fuel system. 2500 cc engine capacity, airbag, fog light, multimedia controller and many other features are available in this Toyota Harrier car. But apart from this, there are different types of Toyota Harrier cars available in Bangladesh. Toyota Harrier car price in Bangladesh depends on its model, color and other specifications.