Duranta Bicycle Price in Bangladesh

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Duranta Bicycle Buying in Bangladesh

Duranta Bicycles is a well-known brand for bicycle users in Bangladesh for more than two decades. Moreover, the Duranta brand in Bangladesh manufactures various types of bicycles for roads, mountains, and cities. Duranta brand bicycle is manufactured using advanced manufacturing techniques with high-quality materials thus providing a comfortable and easy ride along with durability. Today Duranta brand has gained huge popularity in Bangladesh due to the recent advancement in technology in the bicycle industry as well as the attractive design of bicycles.

What is the price of Duranta Bicycle in Bangladesh?

Currently, Duranta bicycle is available in Bangladesh in both new and used conditions. Duranta bicycle price in Bangladesh starts from TK 1,600 which is made in an attractive design and suitable for children. Apart from that, there are Duranta brand bicycles with attractive designs, gear systems and high quality in Bangladesh, the price of which starts from 7,000 taka. However, the price of Duranta bicycles suitable for riders is slightly higher.

Why buy Duranta Bicycle?

Duranta bicycle is affordable, user-friendly, and best in quality, making these an ideal choice for new bicycle users.

1. Quality: Duranta Cycle is made of high-quality materials like aluminum and carbon fiber. The result is a lightweight, strong and durable cycle for Bangladeshi users.

2. Wide Range of Model: There is a wide range of models suitable for almost all levels including road, mountain, hybrid and kids. So starting from toddlers to almost all age groups of bicycle users can choose the Duranta bicycle.

3. Comfortable Design: Duranta brand bicycle is mainly made with modern designs keeping in mind the comfort of the users. Currently, Duranta brand bicycle in Bangladesh is manufactured with ergonomic handlebars, padded seats and suspension systems to absorb shock and vibration.

4. Affordable: Duranta brand bicycles as a Bangladeshi brand are manufactured with advanced materials in innovative designs but offer a wide range of models at affordable prices to the users. Therefore, bicycle users in Bangladesh can easily collect any Duranta brand bicycle according to their needs.

5. Attractive Design: Duranta brand bicycles are made with sleek and modern designs. Duranta cycle stands out from other cycles as these are designed in attractive designs with attractive color schemes and graphics.

6. User-Friendly: Duranta brand bicycles have easy-to-use gear shifts and advanced brake systems. As a result, users of all ages, as well as skill-level riders, will be encouraged to use the Duranta cycle.