MI TV Box Price in Bangladesh

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Xiaomi Android TV Box Buying in Bangladesh

Mi TV Box is a popular online streaming device that allows uninterrupted TV viewing. Mi TV Box is also known as Xiaomi Mi Box in Bangladesh. Mi TV Box transforms a regular TV into a smart TV to access a wide range of popular streaming services, games, apps, and other online content. Moreover, Mi TV Box has gained immense popularity in Bangladesh due to its affordable price, powerful hardware, user-friendly interface, and wide range of streaming facilities.

What is the specialty of Mi TV Box?

1. A wide range of streaming facilities are available online using Mi TV Box with TV.

2. A wide range of applications, and games can be easily accessed through the TV using the Xiaomi Mi TV Box.

3. Mi Android TV Box provides a user-friendly interface with the usual Android TV operating system.

4. The Mi TV box supports high-definition and 4K Ultra HD streaming to deliver stunning visuals and image quality.

5. The Mi Smart TV Box supports High Dynamic Range or HDR to provide excellent colors and enhanced contrast.

6. The Mi TV box has built-in WiFi connectivity for easy access to online streaming.

7. Moreover, the Mi TV Box supports Bluetooth as well as external peripheral devices like game controllers and audio devices can be used effortlessly.

8. The Xiaomi Mi TV Box offers a wide range of streaming services including popular services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube.

9. Mi TV Box also supports Google Cast for screen mirroring from smartphone, tablet, or laptop to TV.

10. Mi TV Box can create a variety of video libraries for endless entertainment.

How much is the price of Mi TV Box?

Xiaomi Mi TV Box price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the model, RAM, ROM capacity, and features. The Mi TV Box in Bangladesh starts at Tk 3,900, which is lightweight and offers an attractive visual experience. Also, the Mi Android TV Box with higher storage capacity, advanced processor, and features is available on a budget of Tk 4,500 to Tk 7,000 in Bangladesh.

Can Mi Box 4K run popular streaming sites?

Yes, Mi Box 4K is designed to run popular streaming sites smoothly. Mi TV Box usually supports a wide range of streaming services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and others. Besides, it offers the facility to watch videos in high-definition or 4K Ultra HD resolution. The Mi Box 4K is generally available in the budget range of Tk 4,900 to Tk 5,500 on BD.

How is the interface of Xiaomi Mi TV box?

The interface of Xiaomi Mi TV Box is quite user-friendly. It can be operated with an Android TV operating system, so the interface is easy to navigate. Moreover, applications, settings, and other content can usually be accessed through the menu system on the Mi TV Box.

Does Mi Smart TV Box have voice control feature?

Yes, Mi Smart TV Box supports voice control. It's available with either a built-in microphone or a Bluetooth-enabled voice remote control. As a result, voice commands can be used to search for content, control playback, adjust settings, and navigate through the interface. Moreover, the Mi Smart TV Box has voice control facility for hands-free use.

Is there lag-free performance when gaming with Xiaomi Android TV Box?

Xiaomi Android TV Box Mi Box S model TV Box offers smooth and lag-free performance in gaming. Moreover, Mi TV Box provides powerful hardware and advanced features for popular gaming apps. As a result, using a game controller compatible with the Mi TV box allows you to enjoy long hours of hassle-free gaming. Mi Box S model TV box price in BD starts from Tk 5,000. However, the price of second generation Mi Box S model TV box price in Bangladesh is slightly higher.

Does the Mi Smart TV Box work with other smart home devices?

Yes, the Mi Smart TV Box can be integrated with other smart home devices. It supports popular smart home protocols such as Google Assistant, Alexa, and Mi Home, allowing compatible devices like smart lights, thermostats, and security cameras to be easily controlled via the Mi TV Box or connected voice assistant.