Jaipan Blender Price in Bangladesh

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Jaipan Blender is a product of India's renowned Jaipan Industries Ltd. which has gained immense popularity in Bangladesh due to its superior quality and attractive design. Spices can be ground and fruit juice can be made in a quick time using a Jaipan blender. Jaipan Blender is also commonly known as Jaipan Grinder and Jaipan Mixer Grinder in Bangladesh. Various model of Jaipan blender with multiple jars is available to buy in Bangladesh at an affordable price. Moreover, various models of Jaipan Blender can be procured from at a low price.

What is the price of Jaipan blender in Bangladesh?

The price of Jaipan blender in Bangladesh varies depending on the model, number of jars, capacity, etc. Currently, one has to spend at least BDT 4,000 to buy a Jaipan blender that has a computerized balanced motor and is a 750-watt blender. Moreover, buying a Jaipan blender with 1000-watt motor power will cost BDT 5,500 or more.

Why buy a Jaipan blender?

1. You can easily prepare masala powder, masala paste, and various fruit juices in less time using the Jaipan Blender.

2. The main reason for the popularity of the Jaipan blender is its strong ABS plastic structure that lasts for years. Moreover, the Jaipan blender comes with multiple jars that are made of rust-proof stainless steel.

3. Jaipan blender includes sharp stainless steel blades or SS blades so there is no chance of the blades rusting even after long time use.

4. The Jaipan Blender includes a rotary switch to adjust the speed, making it easy to increase or decrease the speed of this blender.

5. The wattage of the Jaipan blender motor is relatively high, making it suitable for continuous long-term use at home or in restaurants. However, the Jaipan blender will be in good condition with some breaks during continuous use for half an hour to an hour.

6. The Jaipan blender includes an energy-efficient motor, resulting in less electricity consumption when using this blender.

7. Jaipan Blender comes with a limited-time parts and servicing warranty, so if there is any problem with Jaipan Blender within a certain period, the company will provide free parts replacement or servicing service.

Best Jaipan Blender Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for March, 2024

Jaipan Blender Model Price in BD
Jaipan Family Mate Heavy Duty Blender ৳ 5,500
Jaipan Prince JMK-20192 750W Mixer Grinder ৳ 4,500
Jaipan Jkb-4001 850W Kitchen Beauty Blender ৳ 5,700
Jaipan Buttler 750 Watt Mixer Grinder ৳ 4,990
Jaipan MFM-2100 Family Mate 850W Blender ৳ 5,300
Jaipan MBT7458 1000W Kitchen Beauty Mixer ৳ 6,000