Acer Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Acer Laptop Buying in Bangladesh

Acer is one of the popular laptop brands in Bangladesh. Its newest series, attractive price, good configuration at low price, excellent design are among them. Acer laptops are running at great speed beating other brands of laptops in the market. The following features are available in Acer laptops to make various tasks easier:

1. Acer laptops can be used anywhere because Acer laptops are very slim and light in weight.

2. Different models of Acer laptops are available in BD. As a result, customers can easily find their desired laptop.

3. Acer laptops are widely popular in Bangladesh for their design.

4. All kinds of work can be done very easily with these laptops.

5. Acer laptops are ideal quality laptops for office or personal use.

6. Keeping students in mind, Acer makes student laptops which are very cheap so students can easily buy these laptops.

7. Motherboard, graphics, display in Acer laptops are of high quality and high resolution.

8. As soon as Acer laptops were released in the market, they gained popularity at a massive rate. Because every Acer laptop comes with very good after sales service.

What series of Acer is popular in Bangladesh?

Acer is adding various utility laptops to their various series. Among these series of Acer, the most popular series in BD are

  • Aspire
  • Travelmate
  • Extensa

Aspire: It offers high performance making it an alternative to desktop computers for everyone.
Travelmate: These series are very light in design and designed for personal or business use.

Extensa: Their display is usually a bit bigger than the other series and offers good service at an affordable price.

What can be done with Acer laptop?

All the work of the marketplace can be done with Acer laptops. Starting from graphics design, web design, web development, video editing, content writing, digital marketing can be done. Also, Acer laptops can be operated very quickly for various official tasks.

What is the price of Acer laptop in BD?

The price of Acer laptops in BD starts from just Tk 7,900. It is a very useful laptop for students. Students can take online classes on it and also keep notes. Apart from this, there are many other types of Acer laptops available. Acer laptop price is determined based on their configuration, display size and resolution, model etc. Acer laptop price is determined.

What is the price of Acer Core i5 processor laptops?

Acer Core i5 processor laptops are very cheap in BD. Acer Core i5 laptop is available for just Tk 19,499. Its processor is 6th generation. This Acer laptop has 15.6 inch display, 4 GB RAM, 1 terabyte hard drive.

Can all office work be done with Acer Core i3 laptops?

All types of Microsoft Office including Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point can be done with Acer Core i3 laptops. Not only that, but various marketplace tasks can be done on Acer Core i3 laptop. By selecting the processor generation according to the type of work, all types of work can be done with Acer Core i3 laptop. Acer Core i3 laptops are available in Bangladesh at very low prices.