Asus Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2023 & 2024

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Asus has gained the most popularity in Bangladesh with its laptops because the quality of Asus laptops is good and the price is also affordable.

Why Asus laptop better?

Now let's talk about the reasons why you should buy this brand of laptop:

1. Asus brand has always focused on the quality of its laptops.

2. Asus laptops are quite stylish. Their body design, slim figure, and battery backup are excellent.

3. Asus regularly brings many series of laptops in the market, these are: Zenbook series, Vivobook series, Gamer series, K-series, X series and Chromebook series. These series are particularly popular for their quality. Depending on the quality or specialty, you can choose the preferred series as per your need.

4. Motherboard, graphics, display of Asus laptops are of high quality.

5. Asus makes laptops with different processors. Notable among them are: Core i5, Core i7, AMD's Athlon and Ryzen series processors are used. So you can choose the Asus laptop of your choice according to your budget.

6. Asus laptops launch premium series as well as some low cost laptops in the market. As a result, students can get their desired laptop at a very low price. So one can also be called a budget friendly laptop brand.

7. Asus is always conscious of customer service. Customers prefer to buy Asus laptops because of the guarantee and warranty that comes with every laptop. So you can buy Asus laptop without worry.

Some more reasons to buy an Asus laptop:

The things to consider before buying an Asus laptop are its stability, performance and beauty that are available in the Asus laptop. So Asus laptop has created special attraction in Bangladesh. So, choosing the right Asus laptop according to your needs, such as buying a new generation Asus laptop to enjoy the updated features of Asus, 14-inch or smaller display size Asus laptops for traveling will be better because they are a little smaller in size, and 15-inch Asus laptop for graphics or programming would be fine.

What is the price of Asus laptop?

Asus laptop price in BD starts at Taka 45,000 which can easily do all kinds of tasks like Internet browsing, HD videos, playing simple games. However, the price of a Asus laptop depends on its design, processor, and build quality. So Asus laptop should be selected according to the budget and work type.

Asus Core i3 laptop can be found for how much?

Asus Core i3 laptop price in BD is between Tk 40,000 to Tk 50,000. It has 4 GB RAM, Intel HD graphics card and 1 GB hard drive. Various official work including Microsoft Office, Excel, Power Point can be done with this laptop. Students can also take online classes very easily.

Can freelancing be done with Asus Core i5 processor laptop and what is the price?

Asus Core i5 processor laptop price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 55,000 and it can be used for all types of freelancing work. This laptop has 8GB RAM, 1TB hard disk and 2GB dedicated graphics card. It is possible to do any work of online marketplace like graphics design, web design, web development, content writing very easily with it.

What can be done with Asus brand Core i7 processor laptop?

Asus brand Core i7 laptop is available in BD for only Tk 70,000. This laptop has 8 GB RAM, 512 SSD, 2 GB dedicated graphics card, HD webcam, 14 inch display and fingerprint for strong security. Video editing, graphics design, web development, various presentations can be done with this laptop.