HP Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2021


Why buy HP?

HP is the leading computer manufacturer or laptop brand not only in our country Bangladesh but in the whole world. In the last few years, HP, the American technology giant, has produced and sold the most laptops in the laptop market. So there should be no doubt about their quality and independence.

Which HP series is best?

All laptops of HP brand are the best but different series may be best for different jobs, you have to decide according to your type of work and budget. However, in the context of our country, medium range laptops are the most popular.

HP's Pavilion series has a slim and attractive design, light weight and easy to carry, as well as many other modern features, including a long-lasting battery and LED display. This is also the cheapest series.

HP Probook is also one of the best series of HP. The main features of this series are exceptional performance, multi-storage, fast processor, long-lasting battery and modern display.

HP EliteBook series can be called a little high-powered laptop, also be called hybrid laptops. They are also a little more expensive due to their high efficiency.

The main feature of HP NV series is that they are light in weight and small in size with high specifications which makes them quite easy to carry. And much more speed is accomplished than conventional speed.