HP Laptop Price in Bangladesh 2024

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HP Laptop Buying in Bangladesh

Hewlett Packard is one of the largest laptop manufacturers and the brand is commonly known as HP in Bangladesh. HP laptop price in Bangladesh is comparatively low than other brand so it has win the heart of Bangladeshi people. Let's see why buying an HP laptop is a smart choice in Bangladesh.

1. HP has a reputation for making laptops and to this day they maintain the quality of laptops.

2. HP has various series like EliteBook, Essential, Envy, Spectre, Pavilion, ProBook, ZBook Studio, ZBook Fury, Omen, Chromebook and you can choose based on your needs and budget.

3. HP Gaming Series laptops have high quality screens so these series are best for video editing and Photoshop.

4. HP also makes cheap laptops so that ordinary users and students in Bangladesh can benefit from quality laptops.

5. HP laptops use Core i3, i5, i7 series of Intel processors and Athlon and Ryzen series of AMD processors. So, anyone can choose the processor brand of their choice.

6. HP offers a parts warranty for each laptop so that everyone can buy a new laptop and enjoy the service without fear.

What is the price of the HP laptop in Bangladesh?

HP laptop price in Bangladesh starts at 44,500 Taka which is a new laptop and has the latest generation processor. HP laptop is also available at low prices depends on its condition. However, HP laptop price usually depends on its model, processor generation and the warranty.

How much HP Core i3 laptop?

HP Core i3 laptop price in Bangladesh will be around 45,000 which includes the new released Core i3 processor, at least 4GB RAM and up to 1TB hard disk. This type of HP laptop is good for students, offices where regular task can be done smoothly.

Is HP Core i5 laptop good for gaming and what is the price?

HP Core i5 laptop would cost at least Taka 55,000 to Taka 65,000 in Bangladesh depending on its model and processor generation. This laptop is good for gaming, designing and for complex application.

HP Core i7 laptop can be purchased at low price?

HP Core i7 laptop is now available in Bangladesh from 75,000 Taka to 100,000 Taka. If you select earlier generation of Core i7 then prices would be low and this is also fine for any heavy loaded application. This HP Core i7 laptop will also ensure of smooth running of future application.  

What else needs to be taken into consideration?

When buying an HP laptop compare the specifications and your requirements. If you can afford a powerful laptop then buy latest generation HP laptop. If you travel a lot then buy business series HP laptop which would cost little more but has great design and portability. If you just need the processing power then buy the latest processor and don't look at the weight thus it will save the cost.

Plastic body or Metal body - which one is good?

Most of the HP model comes with plastic body and some models are in metal body. Both are good and stronger. However, metal body has some advantages over plastic which is that it looks nice, more durable and does not easily heated.