Gaming Laptop Price in Bangladesh (BD) 2024

Computer gaming is increasing among children and teenagers of Bangladesh as indoor gaming,. Now gaming laptop is a popular device in Bangladesh. Price of the gaming laptop is dramatically dropped in recent year for easy availability used gaming laptop in Bangladesh. Now anyone can buy gaming laptop in Bangladesh just for 40,000 Taka. In addition, gaming laptop can also be used for high quality video editing as part of video content creation smoothly. Read more

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Gaming Laptop Buying in Bangladesh

Gaming is now part of the lives of children, young people and even adults. Gaming laptops have no exact specifications. It depends on what kind of game you want to play and your laptop is able to handle it. Most gaming laptops have high graphics processing that can handle any game with complex graphics. So, if you have the budget, buy a gaming laptop and recently the price of gaming laptop in Bangladesh has come down a lot and anyone can buy it. Plus, you'll be able to do other things with this laptop, such as graphics editing, photo editing, video editing, and animation. Let's take a look at some tips on how you can choose the perfect gaming laptop.

Things to consider for Gaming Laptop

  • Processing capacity: This means the capacity of your processor. Choose the latest generation of Core i5 processor as it has enough processing power. The latest i5 processor can handle most games very efficiently. It will boost you while playing with the latest generation Core i7 and you are ready for any upcoming game. Also, you can choose Athlon or Ryzen series processors of the AMD brand for gaming.
  • Graphics processing: This is the key to gaming which means how fast and accurate it can process your complex graphics. Of course you need a laptop with dedicated graphics card with enough graphics RAM. Good quality cards can handle any complex graphics. So choose a graphics card with at least 4 mega memory. The more memory you take, the smoother the performance. Remember that you will not be able to change this card later, so decide in advance. Some laptops have extra slots so you can include an external graphics card later.
  • RAM: Lots of RAM will make all the work very nice. 16 GB RAM will work very well. Also, it has the opportunity to be upgraded so see the specification of how much RAM can be included later.
  • Control the heat: Each processor and GPU has a common heat sink with laptop ventilation. This is not enough to play high quality games on laptop. If you play for a long time, it can get overheated and burn. So, control the heat by adding a high quality cooler for extra ventilation.
  • Screen: Most gaming laptops come with a full HD screen, which is enough for today's gaming. For future compatibility and high quality environment you can take a gaming laptop with 4K screen.
  • Storage: Requires fast storage otherwise it will not be able to keep pace with your processing power and GPU. NVMe SSD is the first choice because it has the latest technology. SATA SSD will work fine. Remember to take the largest size SSD so that it can install many games at once. Also check if there are separate slots so that more high speed storage can be attached if needed.
  • Speakers: Many people think that good quality sound enhances the gaming experience, so buy a gaming laptop with multiple speakers that will give you Dolby Sound experience. This will save some money from buying additional speakers.
  • Keyboard and mouse: Backlit keyboard will work well if you are used to playing in the dark. But it will have a small effect on your gaming.
  • WiFi and LAN: This is the era of network gaming so check to see if it supports the latest specification of network connection.

What should be the budget of a gaming laptop in BD?

Laptops now cost less than other devices. The price of a new gaming laptop in Bangladesh starts from Taka 60,000. For Taka 60,000 you can get a good quality laptop. If you have a budget of Taka 100,000 or more, it will work well for a long time now and in the future.

Gaming laptop under Tk 20,000

There are very few dedicated gaming laptop under Tk 20,000 in BD. However, used and refurbished gaming laptop within this budget is available on the popular online marketplace Moreover, general gaming can be done with a budget gaming laptop under Tk 20,000.

Gaming laptop under Tk 30,000

Entry-level gaming laptop under Tk 30,000 is usually available in BD. However, the price varies slightly depending on the specific model and configuration. Older or less demanding games can be played with this budget gaming laptop. Moreover, a budget gaming laptop under Tk 30,000 can be used for general gaming as well as daily work.

Gaming laptop under Tk 50,000

Gaming laptop under Tk 50,000 usually offers better performance and configuration than low-budget laptops in BD. This budget laptop offers a smooth gaming experience in medium settings.

Gaming laptop under Tk 60,000

Mid-range gaming laptop with good configuration and performance is available in Bangladesh under Tk 60,000. This budget gaming laptop offers fast game loading as well as smooth gaming at medium to high settings Moreover, depending on the good graphics card, processor, and RAM capacity, the price of gaming laptop is slightly higher.

Gaming laptop under 100,000 Tk

Gaming laptop under Tk 100,000 is usually available with high configuration and advanced features. This budget gaming laptop offers a dedicated graphics card, high-performance processor, sufficient RAM, and large storage capacity, which allows for playing premium games at high settings. Moreover, gaming laptop prices range from Tk 80,000 to Tk 120,000 depending on the model and configuration.

Common Question About Gaming Laptop in Bangladesh

What is the difference between gaming laptop and normal laptop?

The main difference between a gaming laptop and a normal laptop is the hardware configuration. Gaming laptop is usually built with powerful processors, dedicated graphics cards and high-resolution displays. On the other hand, general laptop is mainly made for browsing and official work and general tasks like audio, video.

What are the most important parts of a gaming laptop?

The most important parts of a gaming laptop are the processor, dedicated graphics card, and RAM. With these parts, the gaming laptop provides enhanced gaming performance.

How much GB RAM is good for gaming?

Gaming laptop usually has 8 GB RAM, but it is better to use 16 GB RAM, which provides smooth gaming and multitasking.

Can gaming laptop be customized or upgraded?

Yes, RAM, and storage can be upgraded in gaming laptop, but this should vary depending on the laptop model. Some gaming laptop can extend graphics cards but it should depend on the laptop model. 

Is gaming laptop available at low price?

Yes, popular online marketplace offers gaming laptop at low price, which is usually in used and refurbished condition. These types gaming laptops provide the same performance as new laptops.

What warranty is available when buying a gaming laptop in BD?

Yes, 1 year to 2 years warranty is available for gaming laptop purchases in BD. Also used and refurbished gaming laptop provides 7-30 days replacement guarantee. 

What is the popular gaming laptop in Bangladesh?

Various popular brands of gaming laptops including Acer, Asus, HP Lenovo, and Dell are available at an affordable price in Bangladesh. However, the most popular gaming laptops are the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga, HP EliteBook 835 G8, Dell XPS 15 9510, and Dell Precision 5550 models.

Can gaming laptop be used for other purposes besides playing games?

Yes, gaming laptop can be used for video editing, graphic design, programming, and office work besides playing games.

How long is battery backup available on gaming laptop?

Gaming laptop battery backup is usually more or less depending on display brightness, power settings, and usage. However, gaming laptop usually provides 3-5 hours of battery backup for gaming. Also, more battery backup is available for normal tasks.