Core i3 Laptop Price in Bangladesh

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Nowadays, to keep pace with the modern world, laptops have become a daily companion in daily life. Laptop is used as study, office, freelancing, and media devices. Intel Core i3 processor laptop is currently the best quality laptop that is affordable and suitable for almost all general tasks. Intel Core i3 laptop of different brand and different generation is available in Bangladesh at low price.

Advantages of Intel Core i3 Laptop

Depending on the brand and generation, Intel Core i3 laptop performance, working speed, battery performance, etc. differ slightly. Almost all brand of Intel Core i3 laptop is available in BD. Moreover, Intel Core i3 laptops offer various benefits as well as budget-friendly and efficient computing power. Advantage of buying Intel Core i3 laptop.

1. Intel Core i3 laptop is generally cheaper than Core i5 and Core i7 laptop. Core i3 laptop is a great choice for budget-conscious consumers, offering a good balance between performance sufficient for general tasks and low cost.

2. The laptop's Core i3 processors are designed to be efficient and long-lasting. Moreover, the Intel Core i3 laptop battery lasts longer depending on the workload of the processor. Intel Core i3 laptop is especially portable and offers the convenience of working anywhere with battery backup.

3. Intel Core i3 laptops are great for general tasks like web browsing, document editing, and multimedia work. Moreover, Intel Core i3 laptops are capable enough to handle moderate workloads.

4. Intel Core i3 laptops have different form factors due to different generations and models. Hence, laptop users in BD can pick up Core i3 laptops according to their preferences and requirements.

5. Moreover, the Core i3 laptop is easily upgradeable so users can increase the RAM or storage drive if they want. As a result, Intel Core i3 laptops last longer while increasing performance.

6. Intel Core i3 laptop can easily manage multiple tasks at the same time. Hence, Core i3 laptop is the best choice for multitasking work.

What to look for before buying an Intel Core i3 laptop?

Intel Core i3 laptop performance varies by processor generation, RAM, storage type, and display size. So, the things that must be known before buying:

Requirements: First of all, consider what you will be using a Core i3 laptop for. Because whether the software can be run as per the requirement and whether it can show the capability according to the type of work should be checked well before buying.

RAM: Check whether the RAM can provide sufficient capacity as per requirement. However, with a Core i3 laptop, it is better to increase the RAM for more than one or multitasking.

Storage: If you want to save large data files, images, videos on Intel Core i3 laptop, you should check the amount of storage as per your requirement. Moreover, nowadays HDD hard disk as well as SSD are available for laptop storage which increases the working speed of laptop and faster read and write capability in terms of data transfer.

Brand and Quality: Customer support and warranty for Intel Core i3 laptops vary depending on the brand on BD so should be checked well before buying. Apart from the brand, one should check whether the laptop is made of quality materials.

What's new in the 11th generation of Core i3 laptops?

In Intel Core i3 11th generation processor laptops, some new features have been added resulting in significant improvements in terms of performance, graphics, security, connectivity etc.

  • In the Intel Core i3 11th generation processor laptop, new architecture is used which provides higher frequency and clock speed than the previous generation processor laptop. As a result, using Core i3 11th generation laptops gives higher performance.
  • The Intel i3 11th generation laptop has integrated Intel Iris Xe built in graphics for light gaming and short video editing.
  • Intel Core i3 11th generation processor laptop, supports WiFi version 6 thus able to provide fast and reliable wireless connection.
  • Due to the powerful and efficient design of the 11th generation processor of the Core i3 laptop, the battery backup has increased significantly.
  • Using Intel Platform Trust Technology and Intel Software Guard Extensions, Intel Core i3 11th generation laptops are sensitive enough to protect data.

What is the price of Intel Core i3 laptop in Bangladesh?

Intel Core i3 laptops are available in Bangladesh in both new and used condition. Core i3 laptop price in Bangladesh starts from TK 40,000 which includes Intel Core i3 10th generation processor, up to 8 GB RAM, and up to 1 TB hard disk. Besides, the used Core i3 laptop price starts between TK 10,000 to TK 12,000. However, high-quality Core i3 laptops are available between TK 50,000 to TK 60,000.