Core i7 Laptop Price in Bangladesh

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Nowadays, for any work with a laptop, a Core i7 laptop is needed. All kinds of work can be done very well with Core i7 laptop. Different brands and generations of Core i7 laptops are available in Bangladesh market. Core i7 laptop price in Bangladesh is much cheaper than before.

What are the advantages of Core i7 laptop?

Any modern work can be done with Core i7 laptop very easily and Core i7 laptop is quite good for present time. The advantages of Core i7 laptops are:

1. Core i7 laptops are available in different brands so you can buy a core i7 laptop of your choice.

2. Core i7 laptops are of different generations so you can choose the right generation according to the work and the price of the first generation is almost half compared to the latest generation in BD.

3. Core i7 processor increases the speed of work compared to previous processors.

4. Any current software supports the Core i7 laptop so you can get the work done happily using any software you want.

5. Due to having more cores in Core i7 laptops, heavy tasks can be done easily with these laptops. Large files can be run on the Core i7 processor very quickly.

6. Core i7 laptops with various features are available in Bangladesh including touchscreen, non-touchscreen, full HD display, 4K display. So it can be bought at a very cheap price as desired.

7. The main reason behind the power of Core i7 processor laptops is its processor core. And this core prevents the laptop from getting too hot, thus benefiting the battery backup as well.

8. Currently Core i7 laptops in Bangladesh are very thin and light in weight so customers can easily carry them.

9. Various gaming is also possible with Core i7 laptop.

10. Core i7 laptops are available in both new and used variants in BD so it is easy to buy according to your budget.

What is the price of Core i7 laptop?

Core i7 laptop prices start at just Tk 21,990 in BD. It is a touchscreen laptop. Core i7 4th generation processor is used in this Tk 21,990 laptop. This laptop has 14 inch full HD resolution display, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD. But it is a used laptop so the price is quite low. Also new models of Core i7 laptops with different configurations are available in Bangladesh market. Basically the price of Core i7 laptop depends on the brand, model, display resolution, configuration and size.

What is the minimum generation processor required for Core i7 laptop to play games?

Gaming doesn't need a specific generation. Gaming is possible with any generation of Core i7. Generation only helps to speed up the processor a bit and provides some additional benefits in graphics processing. There is no problem in choosing any generation according to the budget. However, starting from the 4th generation of Core i7 to the 12th generation processors are better.

What is the best Core i7 laptop for graphics work?

Better to get latest generation of Core i7 in BD like it may be 11th or 12th generation. The price of this laptop starts from just Taka 78,000 to Taka 150,000. 15.6 inch full HD resolution display, 8 GB RAM, 512 GB M.2 SSD configuration are used in these laptops. And from freelancing to animation videos and complex programming can be done easily with it.