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Proline UK7045A 45-Zones Walk Through Metal Detector

Price ৳ 450,000
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Item Metal Detector
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৳ 450,000
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Four LED light bar on both door panel, auto scan environmental interference site, remote control, automatically calibration, digital signal processing technology, EN60950 standard electric safety, detect big metal article such as knife / gun, and copper / aluminium / zinc, sensitivity adjustable from level 0 to 300, alarm corresponding height or human body, 2210 x 880 x 600 outer frame, 2010 x 760 x 600 mm, inner frame self-diagnostic procedure, MBSU battery backup, 0.5 meter high sensitivity harmless to the pregnant woman and heart pacemaker, in accordance with EN60950 / WN50081-1 / EN50082-1, detection zone is free to change as single zone / 8 detect zone / 16 detect zone / 24 detect zone, intelligent traffic and alarm counters to calculate traffic flow and resultant alarms, and weight 80 Kg.

Metal Detector Type Archway
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