Metal Detector

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3 days ago
ZKTeco ZK-D1065S 6-Zone 100 Sensitivity Level Archway Gate

ZKTeco ZK-D1065S walk-though metal detector archway gate has 6-detection zones with 100 sensivity levels, LED display,...

৳ 45,000
3 days ago
ZKTeco ZK-D1065S 100 Sensitivity Fireproof Archway Gate

ZKTeco ZK-D1065S walk-through metal detector archway gate has high density fireproof detection material, 6-zone...

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19 hours ago
Uniqscan UB500 18-Zone Walk Through Archway Metal Detector

Uniqscan UB500 18-zone walk through archway gate metal detector has six mutual over-lapping detecting zones,...

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1 day ago
Professional Underground Metal Detector with Folding Shove

Professional underground metal detector has function of detecting the presence of metal, 7.0kHz signal frequency,...

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3 days ago
Archway MCD 300 Full Body Scanner Metal Detector Gate

Archway MCD 300 full body scanner metal detector gate has more than 60 persons / per minute capacity, metal detector...

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3 days ago
ZKTeco ZK-D3180S 18-Zone Remote Control Metal Detector Gate

ZKTeco ZK-D3180S archway metal detector gate has 18 mutual over-lapping detecting zones, infrared remote control, sound...

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19 hours ago
Garrett PD 6500i 33-Zone Walk Through Metal Detector Gate

Garrett PD 6500i 33-zone walk through metal detector gate has over 20 application programs included, up to 200 distinct...

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1 day ago
Garrett Super 1 Switch Operation Handheld Metal Scanner

Garrett super handheld metal scanner has superb sensitivity, simple one switch operation, large 10 inch scan surface...

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6 days ago
Garrett Super Wand Handheld Auto Tuning Metal Detector

Garrett super wand handheld auto tuning metal detector has detects ferrous / non ferrous / stainless steel weapons...

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3 days ago
Garrett PD 6500i Touch Control Walk-Through Metal Detector

Garrett PD 6500i walk-through metal detector has over 20 application programs included, up to 200 metal detector...