Kington Money Counting Machine

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৳ 95,500
18 hours ago
Kington JB-2000S Heavy Duty Reliable Money Counting Machine

Kington JB-2000 money counting machine has 200 notes at a time note capacity, 100 notes in 4 seconds counting speed,...

৳ 24,000
18 hours ago
Kington Al-A05 Automatic Banknote Banding Machine

Full-automatic and quick binding, fasten binding with pressure / stable, self-check and show error code on display,...

৳ 98,000
18 hours ago
Kington NC-3000 Dual Screen Vacuum Bundle Note Counter

Kington NC-3000 vacuum bundle note counter has 200 notes counting capacity, dual display, error count and fake note...

৳ 13,800
18 hours ago
Kington AL 1600 Money Counter Machine

Automatic detecting with ultraviolet and magnetic counting, chained-note detection, double-note detecting with infrared...

৳ 92,000
18 hours ago
Kington JB 800 Heavy Duty Bundle Note Counter

Dual reset button, built-in ultra violate detection system, 200 notes at a time note capacity, 100 notes in 4 seconds...