Rongta POS Printer

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৳ 6,500
2 hours ago
Rongta RP328-UP Thermal Receipt QR Code POS Printer

Rongta RP328-UP thermal receipt POS printer has thermal line printing method, QR code printing, printing width 72mm,...

৳ 9,200
4 days ago
Rongta RP80IV-US-G 250 mm/sec Hi-Speed POS Thermal Printer

Rongta RP80IV-US-G hi-speed POS thermal printer has 250 mm/sec print speed, auto cutter, easy to maintain, low noise,...

৳ 9,000
3 months ago
Rongta Thermal POS Printer RP80 Low Noise High Speed USB

Rongta thermal POS printer RP80 has 250mm/s high speed printing, easy to maintain, low noise high speed image and...

৳ 6,500
3 months ago
Rongta RP327 80mm 250mm/s Direct Thermal Receipt Printer

Direct thermal printing method, effective printing width 72mm or 64mm, resolution 203 dpi, printing speed 250mm/s,...

৳ 7,800
3 months ago
Rongta RP850-UP Hi-Speed Thermal POS Receipt Printer

Rongta RP850-UP thermal POS receipt printer has 300 mm/s high speed printing, compatible with ESC / POS / OPOS printing...

৳ 6,200
3 months ago
Rongta RPP300BU Thermal Mobile Receipt Printer

Auto cutter, 80mm / sec receipt printing speed, 3-inch roll, 75 mm/s maximum printing speed, 80mm width paper, 40 x 80...

৳ 7,500
6 months ago
Rongta RP330-USE High Speed 250mm/s Thermal POS Printer

Rongta RP330-USE thermal POS printer has 250mm/s receipt print speed, high speed image and characters printing, low...