Infinix Mobile Price in Bangladesh

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Infinix Mobile in Bangladesh

Infinix is a popular mobile brand which is originally developed by Hong Kong mobile manufacturing company Transition Holdings. Mobile of this brand is assembled in Bangladesh and available at a very low price. Currently, Infinix offers feature-packed mobiles ranging from entry-level mobiles to mid-range and premium smartphones. Moreover, Infinix Mobile has gained immense popularity in the Bangladeshi market by providing innovative technology, attractive design, and advanced processors at an affordable price.

Why is Infinix Mobile better?

Display: Almost all mobile of the Infinix brand is designed with large and attractive displays. Along with the Full HD display or high-resolution screen, there are thin bezels, which provide an attractive viewing experience.

Camera: Infinix smartphone usually offers a wide range of up-to-date camera options. Apart from a high-resolution rear camera with multiple lenses, it offers cameras with wide-angle, telephoto, and depth sensors. Also, Infinix Mobile provides a quality front camera, which is perfect for taking high-quality selfies.

Battery Life: Infinix phone is quite popular among consumers in Bangladesh mainly because of its long battery life supply. Almost all mobile of this brand is equipped with large battery like 5000 mAh. As a result, it can be used continuously for a long time after recharging once. Also, some models of the Infinix brand mobile have fast charging technology, which helps in recharging the battery faster.

Performance: Infinix mobile phone generally provides high performance for daily work as well as multitasking. Mobile phone of this brand has processors from brands like Qualcomm or MediaTek, a sufficient amount of RAM and storage capacity, which provide better performance in terms of essential apps, multimedia, and gaming.

Operating System: Android operating system is generally used to operate Infinix smartphones. Moreover, the Android version varies depending on the specific model and launch date. Almost all Infinix phone comes with a customized user interface (UI) on Android, which provides additional features and an attractive interface.

Connectivity: Infinix phone has standard connectivity features like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. Also, depending on the model, additional connectivity options like 4G LTE or even 5G connectivity are available, allowing for faster internet speeds as well as enhanced network capabilities.

Design: Infinix mobile generally has a sleek, thin, and stylish design while the body of the mobile is somewhat flat and has a premium finish. Also, some models have advanced security features like fingerprint sensors or face unlock.

Moreover, depending on the phone model, Infinix includes microSD card, dual SIM card slots, Dolby Atmos audio support, and advanced software like gesture control or split-screen multitasking.

What is the price of Infinix Mobile?

Infinix mobile phone price usually varies depending on the specific model, features, RAM, storage capacity, and country variant. Currently, the price of Infinix Mobile in Bangladesh starts from as low as Tk 6,300, which is equipped with an IPS LCD with 16 million colors. Also, midrange and flagship models of Infinix Mobile are available in a budget of Tk 10,000 to Tk 20,000. Also, Infinix mobile with advanced processors and enough RAM for gaming is available in Bangladesh between Tk 25,000 and Tk 50,000.