Samsung Mobile Price in Bangladesh

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Samsung is a mobile brand produced by Samsung Group, a South Korean electronics component manufacturing company. From Samsung Button mobile to a high-end flagship model focusing on advanced technology, cutting-edge features, and country variants, new Samsung mobile and budget-friendly smartphone is available at an affordable price in BD. Moreover, all Samsung mobile offers enhanced performance with vibrant displays, powerful processors, high-resolution cameras, and long-lasting battery in line with technological advancements. Currently, Samsung Mobile is in the top position of popularity according to customer demand in Bangladesh as well as worldwide.

How many type of Samsung Mobile is available in Bangladesh?

According to the needs and preferences of the customers, Samsung Mobile supplies mobiles in Bangladesh starting from the lowest price to the highest budget.

Samsung Button Mobile: These types of Samsung mobile usually offers buttons, calling functions, and text messaging, similar to feature phones. However, the touch screen and other apps are not available on the Samsung Button Mobile. Currently, Samsung Button Mobile is available at low price in Bangladesh and is suitable for long-lasting use.

Samsung Smartphone: This type of Samsung smartphone is basically a standard mobile, which is operated with the Android operating system. Also, touchscreen, software support, internet connectivity, and other interesting smart features are included. Samsung smartphone is available at an affordable price in BD.

Flagship Samsung Mobile: Samsung's flagship smartphone is usually the most updated and latest model of Samsung mobile. The specifications, features, and performance of this type of Samsung mobile is considerably improved. Flagship Samsung Mobile offers the latest technology, powerful processors, high-resolution displays, advanced camera systems, and premium build quality. Samsung flagship mobile is slightly more expensive than the regular model Samsung mobile in Bangladesh.

Why is Samsung Mobile best?

1. Samsung mobile provides excellent multitasking facilities, allowing you to work on multiple apps simultaneously. Also, features like multi-active window mode and app pairing are added.

2. In case of using multimedia or gaming Samsung mobile, Samsung provides its app store as well as the facility of installing apps as per choice from Google Playstore.

3. Moreover, all of Samsung's mobile use the Android operating system, thus providing a convenient user interface for all levels of users.

4. The popular feature of Samsung mobiles is Samsung DEX technology, which is usually used in Galaxy mobiles. Moreover, the Samsung Galaxy mobile with this technology can be connected to a monitor or smart TV to get a desktop experience.

5. Samsung mobile usually provides a super fast charging facility, which charges the battery within a few minutes to 1 hour. Moreover, Galaxy Mobile provides more than 20 hours of backup time on a single charge. However, depending on the usage, the charge backup of Samsung mobiles is slightly more or less.

6. Also, Samsung mobile has an adaptive power saving mode, which helps to extend battery life. It also offers wireless power sharing to share battery life with other devices.

7. The mobile of this brand is equipped with a Knox security system, which provides real-time data protection for Samsung mobiles.

8. Samsung Galaxy mobile includes advanced biometric authentication features including ultrasonic fingerprint and face recognition, which ensures secure access.

What is the popular series of Samsung Mobile in Bangladesh?

Samsung Mobile provides various series of attractive models at affordable price in Bangladesh. However, currently the most popular series of Samsung mobile is Samsung Galaxy S, Samsung Galaxy A, Samsung Galaxy M, and Samsung Galaxy J series. Also, various popular model of Samsung mobile like Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus 5G, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S24 is available with the latest technology in Bangladesh.

What is the price of Samsung mobile in Bangladesh?

Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh usually starts from Tk 1,900, which is feature phone with buttons. All Samsung mobile price in Bangladesh varies depending on the model, specification, type, series, and other features. Also, Samsung mobile phones with advanced technology are available in different budget in BD.

Samsung Galaxy Mobile Price

Samsung Galaxy mobile provides better performance due to the combination of advanced processor, RAM, and other advanced technologies. Moreover, Samsung Galaxy Mobile is also well known in Bangladesh for its sleek design. Samsung Galaxy mobile price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 11,000, which can be operated on Android operating system and can use apps as needed. Apart from this, the price of Samsung Galaxy mobiles varies depending on the RAM, storage, and model.

Samsung Flagship Mobile Price

Samsung flagship mobile is usually packed with the latest technology, advanced camera setups with more megapixels, and premium features. Moreover, Samsung flagship mobile is very popular among consumers in Bangladesh due to its design with the latest technology and advanced processor. Currently, Samsung flagship mobile is available on a budget of Tk 40,000 to Tk 100,000 in Bangladesh. Also, with advanced technologies such as Samsung Pay, Samsung Dex, Samsung Wireless Dex, wireless chargers with broadband support features and octa-core processors Samsung mobile is expensive in BD.

What type of display is used in Samsung Mobile?

Samsung mobile usually uses modern displays made by the company's own technology. The notable displays used in this brand of mobile are AMOLED, Super AMOLED, and the latest Super AMOLED Plus display. Samsung mobile with this type of display provides stunning visuals for videos and gaming in Full HD and 4K resolution. Moreover, Samsung mobile uses this type of display to get more pixels. As a result, Samsung mobile can be used comfortably at night and in daylight as compared to other mobiles.

How to check Samsung Mobile IME?

IMEI number is the unique identity number of every mobile which is required to identify and track the device. Samsung Mobile IME can be checked in two ways.

  • First of all - open the phone app directly from Samsung mobile and dial *#06# to see the 15-digit IME number directly.
  • Second - Select About Mobile option from Samsung mobile settings. Then IME number can be taken by pressing the phone status option.

Best Samsung Mobile Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

Samsung Mobile Model Price in BD
Samsung Galaxy A20 ৳ 3,990
Samsung Galaxy A32 ৳ 26,999
Samsung Galaxy M15 ৳ 24,000
Samsung Galaxy M55 ৳ 70,000
Samsung Galaxy A55 ৳ 25,000
Samsung Galaxy S24+ ৳ 109,000
Samsung Galaxy S24 ৳ 87,000
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra ৳ 125,000
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G ৳ 59,999
Samsung Galaxy A03s ৳ 14,999