Realme Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Realme Mobile Buying in Bangladesh

Realme was first launched in 2010 as "Oppo Real". It is a Chinese brand. Before 2018, it was a sub-brand of the Oppo brand. It first debuted as Realme in May 2018. In the same year i.e. in November 2018, Realme released their first official phone in the market. Since 2018, Realme has gained a special recognition in all countries of the world including Bangladesh. Realme officially released in Bangladesh in 2020.

What is the price of Realme Mobile?

Realme mobile price in Bangladesh starts from 10,000 Taka but the new high-end model will cost at least 20,000 Taka. These have full HD large screen and enough memory. Select the Realme smartphone you need by comparing the budget and all Realme models.

Why Realme Mobile is better?

Realme in Bangladesh has gained quite a lot of popularity in a very short time for its smart look, slim body design, vibrant camera, long-lasting battery, and various other features. Below are some features of Realme mobiles:

1. Realme mobiles are particularly popular for their robust performance. These mobiles are made by powerful processors so they can display high-quality video, high graphics content smoothly.

2. Realme is always very conscious about the camera. Realme has been using high-quality cameras since its very first mobile. Realme used a 13-megapixel primary camera and an 8-megapixel selfie camera in its first smartphone. So it is easy to understand that Realme has been using high-quality cameras in its mobiles since the beginning. Its camera has a variety of advanced features to capture professional-level photos and videos. It also has panorama and HDR which will make the pictures and videos clearer.

3. Realme makes every phone with excellent design. Realme available in different colors, Gorilla Glass, and in a shape that is easy to hold. Often mobile slips out of the hand while using. But Realme smartphones have rounded corners and slimmed down the shape, making it easy to hold and do not slip out easily. It has Gorilla Glass on the display which provides more security to the touch display. As a result, even if the phone falls from the hand, the display does not break directly.

4. Realme has released a full-screen display in the market at a very low price since long. Earlier, full-screen display was thought by many to be expensive. But Realme proved everyone wrong by making affordable full-screen displays years back. And now in Bangladesh, there is a lot of demand for full-screen displays.

5. Realme is one of the top listed smartphone brands in terms of battery life. Realme is already coming in the market with more than 3000 mAh battery. Its demand in BD is increasing day by day for its higher battery capacity. Realme has a battery saving mode option in each of its mobiles to provide extra battery backup of more than one day. So videos or other works can be enjoyed for a long time without any interruption.

6. The sensors used in Realme mobiles have multiple capabilities. It has multiple sensors for functions such as gyro control, accelerometer, etc. These sensors are capable of various functions. Realme has been using a lot of sensors in its mobiles at very affordable prices.

7. In terms of security, Realme has kept its mobiles one step ahead of all other mobile brands. Realme's mobiles have fingerprint sensors, face locks, pin unlock, and passwords and are providing these benefits within a small price. So it can be said that Realme smartphones of all models are one step ahead in terms of security.

Best Realme Mobile Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for June, 2024

Realme Mobile Model Price in BD
Realme Nazro N53 ৳ 16,999
Realme 9i ৳ 14,500
Realme GT Neo6 SE ৳ 30,000
Realme P1 ৳ 25,000
Realme Narzo 70 Pro ৳ 26,398
Realme C21Y ৳ 10,000
Realme Note 50 ৳ 10,500
Realme C35 ৳ 16,999
Realme C67 4G ৳ 22,999
Realme C53 ৳ 16,999