Xiaomi Mobile Price in Bangladesh 2024 - Redmi & MI

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History of Xiaomi Mobile

Xiaomi was established in April 6, 2010 through eight associates. The Xiaomi Company was founded by Li Jun in Beijing, China. Xiaomi's first smartphone came to the market in 2011 and by 2014, it has captured the global market and become the largest smartphone company in China. On August 16, 2010, Xiaomi officially launched its first Android-based firmware, MI UI. Xiaomi officially started its journey in Bangladesh in August 2016.

How much is the price of Xiaomi mobile in Bangladesh?

Xiaomi mobile price in Bangladesh starts from Taka 3,000 and can talk clearly and use the Internet smoothly. Because of the low price, its demand is high in all parts of the country. However, the price of new models of Redmi and Mi series in Bangladesh starts from 15 thousand taka and will have long battery life and high quality display.

The difference between MI & Redmi

MI: The main brand of Xiaomi smart phone which is used as MI. This series comes with better build quality, excellent camera, faster software updates and better gaming hardware.

Redmi: A separate sub brand of Shaomi is Redmi. Redmi smart phone also uses Xiaomi's user interface MIUI Android. Redmi mobile uses less-expensive hardware than MI.

How many series of Redmi phones are there in Bangladesh?

A total of 4 series of Redmi phones have been marketed in the Asian continent. Here are the details about the Redmi phone series:

Redmi Series: The Redmi series of phones have gained popularity in the Asian continent as low-cost phone. On a regional basis, the Redmi series phones have some variations of the same model phone in India, China, Japan, and Global. Sometimes there are differences in the naming of phones of the same model. Redmi series of phones have gained huge popularity in Bangladesh as low-cost high-configuration phone.

Redmi Note Series: Among the Redmi phones, the Redmi Note series of phones has gained the most popularity. The Redmi Note series of phones range from low-range budget to mid-range budget. The camera quality, display quality, charging backup, and other technical features of this series of phones are competitive with high-range budget phones. Xiaomi Note series mobile has many advantages but the price is not high in Bangladesh. Anyone can pick up a Xiaomi Note series mobile with advanced features under Tk 40,000.The advantages of Xiaomi Note series mobile is:

  • Xiaomi Note series of mobile is available in design with high-resolution large-size display which provides interesting experiences in gaming, watching videos, and other tasks.
  • Note series mobile is available with powerful processors and sufficient RAM. As a result, it provides sufficient performance for various tasks including multitasking, fast app launch, gaming, and video editing.
  • For photography, the Note series mobile comes with multiple camera lenses, AI detection, natural and night modes, allowing for capturing high-definition images and videos.
  • Xiaomi Note series mobile has high battery capacity, so these Note series mobile do not require frequent charging.
  • Note series mobile has Xiaomi's MIUI customized Android operating system which provides the user with improved security, and new features through regular software updates.
  • Xiaomi Note series mobile is equipped with various connectivity facilities including 4G/5G network, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.

Redmi A Series: Redmi A series phones are the cheapest and low-configuration phones among the Redmi phones. A total of 4 models of Redmi A series phones have been marketed so far.

Redmi K Series: The most high-configuration phone among the Redmi phones is the Redmi K series phone. The prices of Redmi K series phones are also relatively high. The design of the Redmi K series phones is relatively attractive.

What is the specialty of Redmi mobile?

The special features of Redmi Mobile are discussed in detail:

1. Design: Redmi mobile phones offer a relatively attractive design as per the budget. As a result, the Redmi phone looks premium when held in the hand. Therefore, Redmi mobile phones are at the top of the demand of the current modern fashionable generation.

2. Operating System: MIUI Android operating system is used in Redmi smart mobile. As a result of the MIUI operating system, Redmi phones have more technical features and graphical animations. And, the security system of MIUI operating system is much stronger.

3. Camera: All Redmi mobiles from low to high budget range include high-megapixel cameras. As a result, better-quality images and videos can be easily captured.

4. Durability: Redmi mobile phones can be used for a relatively long time. And, the performance drop rate of Redmi mobile is very low even after long usage.

5. Affordable Price: The price of Redmi smart phones is relatively low in proportion to the configuration. Therefore, the Redmi mobile is very popular in Asian continent including Bangladesh.

What is the price of Redmi series mobile?

Xiaomi Redmi mobile price in Bangladesh usually vary depending on the model, specification, and country variant of the series. However, Xiaomi Redmi series mobile is available at affordable price in Bangladesh market. Currently, the new Redmi mobile price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 10,000 which has 6.52 inch IPS LED display, 2/32 GB variant of RAM, ROM, and 5000 mAh battery. Also, unofficial latest Redmi Mobile is available which is 20% cheaper than Redmi Official Mobiles. Besides, old-condition popular models of Redmi mobile is available in Bangladesh, the prices of which is comparatively much lower.

What is the price of Xiaomi Mi series mobile?

Xiaomi Mi series mobile in Bangladesh is usually available in both new and used conditions. Currently, the price of Mi series mobile in Bangladesh starts from Tk 3,400 which is used in old condition. Almost all kinds of work can be done with this condition Mi series mobile including talking and using internet. Also, latest Mi mobile price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 13,000 which has 2/16 GB RAM, ROM, Qualcomm MSM8940 Snapdragon 435 processor, and 5-inch display. Along with more advanced processors, cameras and different variants of RAM, ROM, new models of Mi mobile is available in Bangladesh.

Why is Xiaomi mobile better?

Xiaomi Mobile is a popular brand used in Bangladesh. Not only in Bangladesh but also in many countries of the world, the Xiaomi brand has been able to create a huge stir for its smartphone's special features and low prices. Below are some of the features of Xiaomi smartphones:

1. The main feature of Xiaomi mobiles is long battery life. It can last for a long time on a single charge which is great for Bangladeshi users. Also, Xiaomi mobiles have an option called battery saving, which provides excellent battery backup when turned on. For example, if a Xiaomi brand mobile has a 4000 mAh battery and it is capable of running for 2 days and also if the battery saving mode is activated, the user will get 1 more day of battery backup.

2. In terms of cameras, Xiaomi brand mobiles have gained the most popularity in a very short time. Xiaomi brand has been adding many new modern features like panorama, portrait, effect, ADR, slowmo video to its smartphones since many years ago. Also, any photo or video can be edited at a professional level very easily. In terms of camera, Xiaomi band mobiles are very popular among the people of Bangladesh compared to other Android mobiles.

3. The people of Bangladesh are most familiar with the casting tool from Xiaomi Band mobile phones. Since Xiaomi smartphones have this casting tool, any presentation, picture or video can be easily viewed on any other device, so Xiaomi smartphone is a top brand in the list of demands in Bangladesh.

4. Xiaomi has added some new features to its mobiles with scanner technology. Not only barcodes but Xiaomi brand new mobiles help to understand any handwriting. Xiaomi's new generation mobile will tell all the necessary obscure texts accurately. The most important thing is that none of the Xiaomi models running in Bangladesh require third-party scanning software for scanning.

5. Among the mid-budget phones in Bangladesh, Xiaomi Brand mobiles offer the best security in terms of security. If the Xiaomi phone is lost, it can be found quickly and can be locked from a remote location. And there are regular security updates.

6. All Xiaomi mobiles have a feature called Second Space. Second space mode is more useful if a mobile is used by more than one person. With the help of second space, more users can be created separately so that each user's information will be different.

7. Every Xiaomi smartphone has dual mode which is a good technology. Sometimes an app has to do many things but with the help of Xiaomi's dual mode, one app can be converted into two apps. As a result, multiple tasks can be easily done with the help of 2 copies of an app.

Best Xiaomi Mobile Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for April, 2024

Xiaomi Mobile Model Price in BD
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 4GB / 64GB ৳ 9,710
Xiaomi MI 8 Lite 4GB / 64GB ৳ 9,550
Redmi Note 8 ৳ 13,539
Redmi Note 5 AI ৳ 8,050
Xiaomi Redmi 3s ৳ 5,000
Redmi Note 7 Pro ৳ 13,399
Xiaomi Redmi 5 ৳ 6,190
Xiaomi Redmi 7 ৳ 8,490
Xiaomi Redmi Note 7s 4GB / 64GB ৳ 8,910
Xiaomi Redmi 4 Prime ৳ 5,070