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Button Mobile, Feature Phone Price in Bangladesh 2023

Button phones are popular among the elderly people in Bangladesh for easy operation. This type of phone is easy to call with the click of a button. Button phones are also popular as a second phone due to the need for multiple SIMs. Also, this type of phone has a longer battery life than any other phone on the market. This button phone is also known as feature phone in Bangladesh. Let's see some tips that will help you choose the perfect button phone in Bangladesh market.

Multi SIM: Generally, dual SIM option is available on all button phones in Bangladesh. However, if you need more than two, look for that phone. Some phones even have 4 SIM slots.

Display: The button phone has a TFT display. Check the size of the display so that people of any age can see it clearly.

FM: This is a great feature of this phone. If you want to hear the news, buy a phone with radio. Feature phones usually only provide radio via FM. Check if the headphones need to be plugged in to handle it. Some feature phones already have built-in antennas so there is no need for anything extra for the radio.

Battery: Button phones usually consume very little power for limited features so most button phones are charged for a few days. However, if you need a more powerful battery, buy one with a higher ampere battery. Some buttons can act as a phone powerbank so you may need it.

Flashlight: Most button phones have a flashlight that acts as an emergency light. So, look at the brightness of the torch.

Budget: Most button phones are imported but some brands are made in Bangladesh. Button phones start at Taka 1,000 in Bangladesh and are classic style phones. Some button phones price in Bangladesh start from Taka 2,000 or more which are more durable and have improved quality. Some feature phones have the same functionality as smartphones starting from Taka 3,000.

Additional Options: Recently some models with additional features have been published in Bangladesh. These are definitely more than a button phone and can be called smart feature phones. Some key features like 3G network or even 4G, WiFi, messaging, Facebook, YouTube, Google applications etc.

Best Button Mobile Price List in Bangladesh (BD) for September, 2023

Button Mobile Model Price in BD
Kgtel KT200 Dual Sim Feature Phone ৳ 1,400
Geo R5 Feature Phone Dual Sim ৳ 1,600
Pen Mobile ৳ 4,250
Bontel 5310 Feature Phone ৳ 1,399
Bytwo M25 Power Bank Mobile with 5200mAh Battery ৳ 1,999
Mycell FS102 4-Sim Big Speaker ৳ 1,650
Geo R40 4 Sim Feature Phone ৳ 1,800
Winmax MH40 Folding Phone ৳ 1,550
Kgtel K1 Slim Folding Phone ৳ 2,399
Bengal Royal 4 Feature Phone ৳ 2,099