A4Tech Mouse Price in Bangladesh

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A4tech mouse is a popular known mouse brand in Bangladesh and is avalable at any budget. A4tech mouse is designed with sophisticated optical sensors, ensuring uninterrupted cursor movement. In addition, most recent models have been designed with unique contours so that it wasily fits from small hand to large hand. A4tech mouse is available in Bangladesh with wired connection and due to its low price it is very popular and almost seen everywhere. On the other hand battery operated a4Tech mouse is also available and some a4tech wireless mouse has auto stop function which saves power and you don't need to turn it off manually.

What is the specialty of A4tech Mouse?

1. The A4tech mouse is usually made with an ergonomic design so it can be used comfortably for long periods. Moreover, the shape and contours of the mouse are designed to fit the hand precisely, providing a better grip and reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

2. Almost all A4tech mouse is equipped with high-resolution optical sensors, which provide the user with precise, accurate tracking and smooth cursor response within 0.2-1 milliseconds.

3. The A4tech mouse has adjustable DPI (dots per inch) resolution, which allows users to customize the mouse according to their preferences, from general users to gamers.

4. Moreover, the A4tech mouse incorporates V-Track patented technology and advanced lenses. As a result, it can be used comfortably in different places like glass.

5. Currently, latest models of A4tech gaming mouse with attractive designs at a low price is available in the popular online marketplace; and almost all gaming mouse of this brand feature programmable buttons and customized RGB lighting.

6. In addition, some model of A4tech mouse has Bluetooth and wireless connectivity, making them ideal for gaming and designing.

What is the price of an A4tech Mouse?

The price of an A4tech mouse in BD starts from 350 Tk, which is usually a fast-wired mouse. A4tech mouse price in Bangladesh usually varies depending on the model, design, wired or wireless, and other features. Moreover, the price of A4tech wireless mouse in BD starts at Tk 1,500 which is suitable for gaming and graphics design.

What is the DPI of the A4tech Mouse?

DPI ranges from 800 to 8,000 dpi on the A4tech mouse. However, the DPI of the A4tech mouse usually varies from model to model. A4tech mouse with high DPI is available from Tk 1900 to Tk 2100 which is suitable for gaming and designing. Also, any DPI of the a4tech mouse can be used for general tasks.

Is A4tech Mouse good for gaming?

Yes, there are certain models of A4tech brand mouse available at affordable price for gaming. These model of A4tech mouse is usually made with high DPI settings, additional programmable buttons, ergonomic design, and customizable RGB lighting.