Sony TV Price in Bangladesh 2024 - Smart, Bravia, 4K

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Sony TV Buying in Bangladesh

Compared to all televisions in Bangladesh, Sony brand televisions are more popular. Sony TV has found its place in the hearts of most people in Bangladesh due to its low price and excellent performance. Now let's know the reason for the popularity of Sony TV in detail.

1. Sony TV has been bringing Full HD resolution TVs in the market for a long time.

2. Sony televisions currently use less borders and many models of Sony televisions are borderless which look very stylish.

3. The sound system in Sony TV is very high quality which gives a realistic feeling.

4. Sony TV is quite ahead in terms of processor and GPU. Sony TV does not hang for powerful processor and GPU.

5. Sony brand has always been conscious in terms of RAM and storage. Sony's low budget smart TVs come with 2GB of RAM which many other brands don't.

6. The Sony TV display is clearly visible from any angle.

7. Sony is especially known to the people of Bangladesh for X series, V series, Bravia series.

8. Sony TV has a feature called voice control which helps to control the TV through voice.

9. Sony brand provides special customer service through warranty and guarantee with its televisions.

What is the price of Sony TV in Bangladesh?

Sony TV price in Bangladesh starts from Tk 25,900 which is a 32-inch LED television and can watch HD videos. It is Bravia series Sony television so it provides excellent picture. Sony TV price depends on its screen size, technology and features.

What is the price of Sony Smart TV?

The Sony Smart TV in Bangladesh is available for under Tk 43,000 and features a 43-inch screen and WiFi connectivity with Dolby sound and Android operating software. So, apart from watching TV, you can also browse the internet, play games and do various things with it.

Is Sony 4K TV available in Bangladesh?

Sony has 4K TVs available in Bangladesh priced above Taka 60,000 and is also called Ultra HD TV for its life-like picture. It has many facilities including storage.

What is Sony Bravia ?

Sony Bravia is a technology used on Sony Television and it displays very good quality picture. Sony combines smart features with Bravia technology for a great online experience. And now some Bravia models are available in the market of Bangladesh with the most popular Android operating system at affordable price.