LG TV Price in Bangladesh 2024

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LG TV Buying in Bangladesh

Why buy LG TV?

LG TV is a popular brand in the Bangladeshi market for their perfect technology and high quality images. LG TV made its debut in the world in 1997 with Plasma Technology TV.

How many screens is LG TV available?

LG TVs come in a variety of sizes. Generally, 32-inch, 49-inch and 55-inch LED LG TVs are popular. These are suitable for small, medium and large rooms respectively.

What kind of screen is in LG TV?

LG has a wide variety of TVs. One of the most popular is the Smart LED TV, IPS, and QLED TV.

How many resolution LG TV?

LED TVs have a resolution of 720 pixels and 1080 pixels, resulting in HD and full HD images. Any kind of HD video and TV channel can be seen very nicely and brightly by LG On the TVs. However, LG's Nanocell technology TV has the excellent advantage of 4K display.

What other benefits are available?

1. LG TV uses WebOS which is an advanced TV operating system

2. Having more than one speaker allows you to enjoy much better quality sound as well as HDMI port.

3. There are also HDR 10, Pure RGB and other facilities.

What is the price of LG TV?

LG LED TVs are much better in terms of quality. However, LG TV is available for a minimum of 23 Thousand Taka. And you can see the price of LG TV in Bangladesh market from