China LED TV Price in Bangladesh 2024

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Spread of various Chinese brands of TVs in the Bangladesh market has increased at a great rate. Currently, China TV with better quality and advanced feature is available at lower prices in Bangladesh, thus China brand TV is at the top of demand among low to middle class TV users. Specially Sony Plus, Hamim, Vezio, Triton, Nice View, Osaka, Olive, View One, and Mango China brand TV is in high demand. Moreover, China brand TV of various size and feature can be procured from Bdstall at affordable price.

What is the price of China TV in Bangladesh?

Currently, China TV price is determined based on its size, operating system, resolution, panel quality, etc. China TV price in Bangladesh start from TK 5,500 which is a basic LED TV with a display size of 22-inches. And, China LED TV price in Bangladesh starts from TK 6,000 which is an LED Android television and display size is 24-inch. Moreover, China brand 32-inch, 40-inch, 43-inch, 50-inch, 55-inch, 65-inch, and 75-inch TV available in BD that's price is vary depending on size and features.

What is the specialty of China TV?

Some special features of China brand TV are discussed in detail:

1. Budget Friendly: China TV with various feature is available everywhere in Bangladesh at a relatively affordable price. Currently, various brands in China offer large-size TVs with modern features in proportion to the common man's budget. As a result, the demand for China Smart TV among the lower and middle-class people of Bangladesh has increased significantly.

2. Operating System: Most of China TV uses Android operating system. As a result, users can access various OTT platforms for entertainment by using China TV. Besides, one can use different gaming applications from Google Play Store but in that case, they have to use a separate gaming console.

3. RAM & Storage: China TV includes specific RAM and storage for smooth usage. As a result, play store-specific games can be played depending on the RAM and storage capacity.

4. High-Quality Speaker: China TVs include high-quality speakers to deliver clear and noise-free audio.

5. Advanced Feature: China TV includes advanced features such as Screen Share, Anti Blue Light Protection, Double Glass, Voice Control System, etc. that depend on the model. So, before buying a China TV one should check whether it has certain features as per the requirement.

Also, China LED TV is widely used for CCTV footage surveillance.