43 Inch TV Price in Bangladesh

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TV is the most popular device nowadays, through which programs are broadcast for entertainment, information, and education. Nowadays, the demand for relatively large-screen TVs is huge among users, one of which is the 43-inch TV. Because 43-inch TVs usually fit into flat TV rooms or drawing rooms. Currently, 43-inch TVs from Xiaomi, Sony, Vision, Samsung, LG, JVCO, and various Chinese brand is available in Bangladesh.

What is the price of 43-inch TV in Bangladesh?

Generally, the price of 43 inch TV is determined based on its brand, display panel quality, operating system, and other special technologies. Currently, 43-inch smart TV price in Bangladesh starts from TK 17,000 which have full HD display and Android operating system. Moreover, 43-inch TV with voice control system is available in Bangladesh which cost a bit more.

What are the advantages of 43-inch TV?

The advantages of 43-inch TV are mentioned:

  • 43-inch TV offers a cinematic experience while sitting in a medium-sized room
  • Competitive games can be played on a 43-inch smart TV and get a realistic experience due to the larger screen size
  • Due to the large screen size of 43-inch TV, one can enjoy videos continuously for a long time that not straining eyes
  • 43-inch Smart TV can be used as a monitor if required
  • Enable mobile sharing option to enjoy mobile videos on 43-inch smart TV and play mobile games on big screen
  • Google Play Store apps can be used on 43-inch smart TV
  • On the 43-inch Smart TV, favorite playlists or videos can be saved
  • Besides, the 43-inch TV supports pen drive so that videos from the pen drive can be enjoyed easily

What to look for before buying a 43-inch TV?

There are a few things to consider before buying a 43-inch TV. Discussed in detail:

Operating System: Before buying a 43-inch TV, you must consider its operating system. The 43-inch TV is available in both Android and Tizen operating systems. So 43-inch TV of specific operating systems should be collected according to choice and need.

Display Panel: Both LED and QLED technology display panels and 43-inch TVs with double glass and single glass are available in Bangladesh today. So, 43-inch TV with a specific display panel should be procured according to the budget and requirements.

Technology: 43-inch smart TVs are built with various special technologies including internet access, voice search, power save mode, and picture mode. So, buy 43-inch TV by looking at the features as needed.

Budget: 43-inch TV prices also vary due to brand and technology differences. So, considering all aspects according to the budget, 43-inch TV should be procured.